Archaeology and Ancient History

Archaeological Computation and Artefact Analysis Laboratory

The Archaeological Computation and Artefact Analysis laboratory is home to two Artec Space Spider scanners. The Space Spider is a high-resolution 3D scanner Spider Scannerbased on blue light technology, it can capture small objects or intricate details of large objects in high resolution. The scanner is able to render complex geometry and sharp edges, it is ideal for high-resolution capturing of artefacts, with the final 3D model exported to a 3D printer. These 3D models can be printed on our large format 3D model, allowing them to be handled and used in teaching and outreach.

The lab also houses two high powered desktop computers dedicated for geoinformatics and post processing of data. The lab is also set up for photography, where researchers are able to perform artefact photography and photogrammetry. There is also a dedicated computer for the post processing of microscopy data and correlative workflow data.

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