Research Outcomes

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    Press-release in EurekAlert!: Personality traits of drug users (10 Jun 2019).
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    Press-release in EurekAlert!: The grammar of cell development branching time (29-May-2019).
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    Press-release in ScienceDaily: Helping robots correct errors on-the-fly and learn from each other (August 21, 2017).
  12. E.M. Mirkes, A.N. Gorban, J. Levesley, P.A.S. Elkington, J.A. Whetton, Pseudo-outcrop Visualization of Borehole Images and Core Scans , Mathematical Geosciences, November 2017, 49 (8), 947–964.
    Press-release in AlphaGalileo: Visualisation of the invisible: University of Leicester mathematicians working with geoscientists from Weatherford give the possibility to see structures deeply in the Earth (November 29, 2017)
  13. E. Moczko, E.M. Mirkes, C. Ceceres, A.N. Gorban, S. Piletsky, Fluorescence-based assay as a new screening tool for toxic chemicals, Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 33922 (2016).
    Press-release in ScienceDaily: New approach for screening toxic chemicals mimics mammal senses (10 October 2016).
  14. E.M. Mirkes, T.J. Coats, J. Levesley, A.N. Gorban, Handling missing data in large healthcare dataset: a case study of unknown trauma outcomes, Computers in Biology and Medicine 75 (2016), 203-216.
    Press-release in ScienceDaily: Trauma patient deaths peak at two weeks (September 2, 2016)
    Media (Best paper award): High praise for Leicester data mining teams research into trauma patient deaths (May 11, 2017)
  15. A.S. Manso, M.H. Chai, J.M. Atack, L. Furi, M. De Ste Croix, R. Haigh, C. Trappetti, A.D. Ogunniyi, L.K. Shewell, M. Boitano, T.A. Clark, J. Korlach, M. Blades, E. Mirkes, A.N. Gorban, J.C. Paton, M.P. Jennings, M.R. Oggioni, A random six-phase switch regulates pneumococcal virulence via global epigenetic changes, Nature Communications 5 (2014), Article number: 5055.
    Press-release in ScienceDaily: Breakthrough study discovers six changing faces of 'global killer' bacteria (September 30, 2014)
  16. E.M. Mirkes, I. Alexandrakis, K. Slater, R. Tuli, A.N. Gorban, Computational diagnosis and risk evaluation for canine lymphoma, Computers in Biology and Medicine, Volume 53, 1 October 2014, 279-290.
    Press-release in ScienceDaily: New hope for beloved family pets: New blood test for canine cancer (September 23, 2014).

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