Industrial Partnerships

Current partnerships

  • Tangi0
    Innovate UK KTP012250 between TG0 Limited and University of Leicester - Artificial Intelligence technology for learning and recognition of tactile gestures, 2020-2023
  • BlueSky International
    SPRINT - Automated gathering of urban environment data, 2020
  • Photek
    Innovate UK KTP010819 between Photek Limited and University of Leicester -Data Analytics and mathematical modelling in high energy physics, 2017-2020
  • Synoptix

Past partnerships

  • ARM /Apical
    Innovate UK KTP009890 between Apical Ltd and the University of Leicester, Visual Intelligence Technologies, 2015-2017
  • Visual Management Systems
    Innovate UK KTP010522 between Visual Management Systems Limited and the University of Leicester - Security and Visual Intelligence, 2017-2019
  • Weatherford International
    Lattice Boltzmann modelling of permeability and relative permeability of porous media for multi-phase flows, Industrial project, 2014-2015; 3D inpainting - Development of software to calculate decomposition of borehole surface and reconstruction of borehole body, Industrial project, 2015
  • British Geological Survey
    Application of data mining / advanced statistics on the study of anthropogenic contamination in Greater Glasgow, NERC Environmental Data project, 2013
  • Avacta Animal Health / PetScreen Ltd
    Data Mining for Lymphoma Differential Diagnosis, European Regional Development Fund, 2012

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