High praise for Leicester data mining teams research into trauma patient deaths

A successful collaboration between the Leicester Applied Mathematics data mining team together with colleagues from the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences examining mortality after trauma has been highlighted as ‘honoured’ and ‘esteemed’ by the journal Computers in Biology and Medicine.

Using data from the largest trauma database in Europe, the Trauma Audit and Research Network (TARN) database, Dr Evgeny Mirkes, Professor Tim Coats, Professor Jeremy Levesley and Professor Alexander Gorban used 165,559 trauma cases to conduct the research, among them 19,289 cases with unknown outcome.

They have demonstrated that these outcomes are not missed ‘completely at random’ and have developed a system of models for the handling of missed outcomes.

The approach developed can be applied to various healthcare datasets which experience the problem of lost patients and missed outcomes.

The plaudit recognises research of interest to a broad spectrum of the scientific community that has the potential for a very relevant impact.