MMC Projects






  • Efficient Visual Intelligence Technologies with Industrial partners, supported by Innovate UK, two KTP projects) - the project aimed at developing computationally efficient methods, algorithms and tools in the area of intelligent image processing


  • Correlation, Risk and Crisis - press release in ScienceDaily 



  • Mathematical Modelling of Brain, with international team from Japan and The Netherlands - University press release: Brain Power - Breakthrough in Mathematical Modelling
  • Branching Principal Components, Principal Cubic Complexes and Topological Grammars


  • Cartography of Ratings results of the Political Atlas of the World

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) projects funded by Innovate UK foundation

  • KTP009890 between ARM/Apical Ltd and the University of Leicester (Efficient Visual Intelligence Technologies), 2015-2017, Knowledge Base Supervisor Dr I.Y. Tyukin, lead academic Prof A.N. Gorban
  • KTP010522 between Visual Management Systems Limited and the University of Leicester (Efficient Visual Intelligence Technologies), 2017-2019, Knowledge Base Supervisor Dr I.Y. Tyukin, lead academic Prof A.N. Gorban
  • KTP010604 between Dataffirm Limited and the University of Leicester (Mining of Big Text Data), 2017-2019, Knowledge Base Supervisor Dr E.M. Mirkes, lead academic Prof A.N. Gorban
  • KTP 10819 between Photek Ltd and the University of Leicester to develop a product range of image intensifiers enhanced with data analytics capabilities, 2017-2020, Knowledge Base Supervisor Dr A. Mudrov, Lead Academic Dr I.Y. Tyukin.

Industrial projects

With Weatherford Int.

With ARM/Apical Ltd.

With Avacta Animal Health.

With British Geological Survey, University of Bristol, and University of Leeds.

With British Geological Survey.

  • Data mining for geological information: algorithms and software for data mining with uncertainty evaluation.

Biomedical projects

Other highlights

  • Fluorescence-based assay as a new screening tool for toxic chemicals: Our study involves development of fluorescent cell-based diagnostic assay as a new approach in high-throughput screening method
  • Piece-wise quadratic approximations of arbitrary error functions for fast and robust machine learning
  • Evolution of adaptation mechanisms: Adaptation energy, stress, and oscillating death
  • Kinetic signatures of microRNA modes of action: having created a mathematical model that combines nine known mechanisms of miRNA action and estimated the model parameters from the literature, we have developed a computational tool for discriminating among different possible individual mechanisms of miRNA action based on translation kinetics data that can be experimentally measured (kinetic signatures).

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