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Epigenetics and ethics: the issues is a range of teaching resources that has been developed primarily for undergraduate students but will also be accessible to sixth form A-Level students. It focuses on the field of epigenetics which is becoming increasingly highlighted in the public domain and many of the ethical, social, legal and economic issues that arise from the subject.

How does it work?

The material should initially be teacher-led, with the field introduced by the means of a presentation or lecture. Following this, small groups of students are encouraged to engage with one of four online case studies, each which highlight different issues arising from epigenetic research. Each case study contains a wide range of external resources including newspaper articles, editorials, interviews and journal articles for students to evaluate, before they must complete an assignment relating to the study.

Each case study is independent so teachers are encouraged to ensure each is covered by a cohort to ensure each of the issues will be discussed. However, depending on time constraints, more than one study may be attempted by a group.

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