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Mayer Agnes Zsofia

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I spent two semesters at the CUH during the academic year 2010-2011, as a Visiting Research Fellow, while I undertook research for my PhD Indian Migration in European Cities: Comparative experiences how Gujarati immigrants are reshaping Leicester and Milan. During this period I also followed two Masters Courses at the CUH to complete my knowledge necessary for the research about urban concepts and interview usage.

I arrived to Leicester from Italy, where I was studying at the University of Padova. Being Hungarian and having received Master at the Sorbonne-Pantheon, France I could compare my study experience at the CUH with several different international education systems. The CUH accepted me from the first e-mail contact in a really helpful, friendly, and attentive way.

I found very creative the broad aspects of Masters Courses, and their selected literature and archive materials. They did not only teach about urban concepts, but also enlarged my personal view. Due to my studies at the CUH and the valuable consultations with its academics, I succeeded to achieve my research in Leicester, moreover I also submitted a paper to the Spaces and Flows: An International Conference on Urban and Extra Urban Studies, which was accepted. The University of Leicester assured a calm and professionally organised background to my work, and I simply loved the spacious and comfortable library with all of its accessibilities, and the sport facilities.

I must mention three particularities of the CUH which specially impressed me. First, the open-minded oral discussions of courses and seminars, which generated many new ideas. Secondly, the New History Lab’s sessions, and the common tea breaks spent together, where these discussions continued in more informal ways (and which provided an enjoyable insight to a nice British custom). Thirdly, the high commitment and enthusiasm that I experienced from the part of CUH staff concerning the work, research, and community relations at the Centre.

Then I came back to Italy, where I continue the PhD-research in Milan. But I brought with me the research results from Leicester for my thesis, and that lively interest experienced at the CUH, which helped me through the seemingly long days of research, and which I feel a hearty motivation to continue the academic work after the PhD.

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