Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies

Research students

Name Research topic
Afaneen A. Y. Al-Dirawi Can Frame Semantics Help the Translator? Translating and Subtitling David Lodge’s Small World into Arabic
Alshaymaa Alharbi Harry Potter in Arabic Translation
Noora Al-kaabi Socio-political Aspects in Framing Narratives of Conflict
Saud Al-Khresheh The Translation and Reception of Roald Dahl’s Works in Arabic
Mashael Almuttairi The Translation Quality Assessment of the Emotionally Charged of Political Speeches
Naif Alqurashi The Relationship between Vocabulary Size and Training in Vocabulary-Learning Strategies: A Case Study of Preparatory Year Students at Taif University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Warangkana Chaikulab Liaison Interpreting as a Communicative Language Teaching Tool for Thai EFL Undergraduate Students
Jie Deng Chinese Literature in English Translation
Maria-Jose Escudero Bregante Public Service Interpreting in Spain
Chokri Ghezal Negotiating Translation Options with Arabic Readers: Can Modifying the Style of a Non-Literary Text Increase its Readability and Accessibility Among its New Readership?
Dora Hooper French/Translation Studies
Sio Wai Lo Using Translation in L2 Classrooms: An Empirical Study on Non-Language Major Students’ Engagement in Class Discussions and Improvement in Language Usage
Dana Mahadin Translation Training and Market demands in Jordan: An Analysis of Stakeholders’ Views and Perceptions
Sara Jane Naylor A Study of the Translation of the ‘Colour’ Metaphor into English in Federico García Lorca’s Rural Trilogy: A Diachronic Approach
Margrethe Stuttarford The Powerful Voice of the Silent Details in Translations of Pippi Longstocking – A Translational Stylistics Analysis
Jiaying Wang Chinese Literature Going Global: A Narratological Approach to English Translations of Modern Chinese Novels
Karen Wilson-deRoze Stress and Burden: Theories Behind the Translation of Singable Opera Libretti – Translating Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung

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