The Technician Commitment

University of Leicester Technician Commitment Action Plan

We will establish a Steering Committee to oversee activity. It will be chaired by a ULT member, PVC and Head of the College of Science and Engineering and include technical staff from across the institution.

10-point summary

  1. Increase visibility and celebrate the achievements of technicians with the Technician’s Annual Conference and regular events throughout the year.
  2. Give technicians visibility through acknowledgment in research grants and as authors on papers with a clear University policy.
  3. Technicians to sit on decision-making committees where appropriate.
  4. Support technicians in gaining recognition through professional registration, also via establishing a professional fund.
  5. Recognition of technicians through awards (Discovering Excellence Awards) and nomination for internal and external prizes.
  6. Introduce clear and transparent career pathways for technical staff.
  7. Encourage job shadowing, secondment opportunities, mentoring and coaching both within Leicester and other Midland’s Universities.
  8. Establish and invest in apprenticeship schemes to ensure succession plans are in place.
  9. Increase opportunities and funding for technician’s professional development.
  10. Create a vibrant technician network at UoL where members can feel part of a valued community.

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