Your next steps

Register with a doctor

We recommend that you register with a doctor (called a GP, for ‘general practitioner’) at a health centre as soon as you arrive at university, so that you can be seen quickly if you have a health issue and be invited to have a COVID vaccination. You can register with the Victoria Park Health Centre which is next to the University campus, or you can find a health centre near you by searching on the NHS website.

If you are an overseas student staying in the UK for more than six months, you will have to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge as part of your visa application. This entitles you to use the NHS for free, although you will still need to pay some charges - such as prescriptions, eye tests and dental care - in the same way as a UK resident.

For mild or minor medical issues, you can get advice from a pharmacist with no appointment required.

Find your nearest pharmacy

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