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At the University of Leicester we support you and your career aspirations from the moment you arrive until after you graduate. Find out about our Career Development Service, our in-house employment agency, our Festival of Careers and other ways that we boost your employability.

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Frequently asked questions

Why study Sociology at Leicester?

Leicester is the perfect city in which to explore fundamental sociological concepts such as ethnicity, migration and social class. With a range of vibrant and diverse communities including Narborough Road, “the most diverse street in Britain”, Leicester offers the perfect environment to develop your craft via observation, participation and guided reflection.

Our graduates have for many years been a major force in the shaping of teaching and research in other universities and colleges. Many of the well-known sociologists in this country have been students and/or teachers at Leicester.

What can I do with a degree in Sociology?

A degree in Sociology will give you a thorough grounding in key transferable skills, allowing you to choose from a variety of career paths once you have graduated. Our graduates are employed in variety of in roles including teaching, social work, marketing, academia, charities and management, or have gone onto further study – often staying on with us.

The University also has a dedicated Career Development Service providing guidance and opportunities throughout your study.

How much freedom of choice is there on the degree?

Flexibility underpins our degree structure, which means you will get to shape the content of your degree to suit your own interests and career pathways. Whichever direction you choose, you will be taught by enthusiastic scholars who are keen to share their expertise with you.

How am I assessed?

In Sociology at Leicester, we recognise that people have a wide variety of talents and strengths. As such, you will assessed in various different ways to enable you best showcase your talent and also to help you develop a variety of skills. Assessments on our programme include, essays, coursework, portfolios, oral and digital presentations, blogs, reflections and exams.

How much contact time will I have / what is the average week like?

For each module there are 2 x 1 hour lectures and 1 x 1 hour seminar per week (you will study between three and four modules a week). In addition to this, each week you can book one-to-one tutorials with your module conveners (lecturers) to cover anything in relation to the module.

Can I study abroad?

Many of our courses feature the opportunity to study abroad.

There are many benefits of spending time studying abroad during your course - International experiences can enhance your academic and personal skills and your employability.

Most students go for one academic year, between the second and third years of their course. However, some Schools offer one-semester options. You can also consider going on an overseas summer school, whether as a taster for a full year, or simply as a shorter alternative. And don’t worry if you don’t currently speak any other languages - we have many partner universities in other English-speaking countries, and most of our partner universities teach at least some of their classes in English.

We have exchange partner universities on every continent (except Antarctica!). Where you can go depends on your course and this list can vary from year to year.