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Get a feel for life as a Psychology student at the University of Leicester. With our BPS accredited degrees, you’ll explore the major disciplines that have shaped how we understand ourselves and our behaviours.

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At the University of Leicester we support you and your career aspirations from the moment you arrive until after you graduate. Find out about our Career Development Service, our in-house employment agency, our Festival of Careers and other ways that we boost your employability.

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Frequently asked questions

How safe is my child on campus?

Most of our students will go through their time here without incident. If further support is needed, however, there are staff here to help.

We have set up several schemes to help keep students stay safe, including a Safe Taxi Scheme and Safety Bus to get home safely, a night marshalling scheme for nights out, and our new SafeZone App that allows students to summon first aid, security or safety support easily and quickly at any time. These services cover our halls too.

What do our courses cover?

The courses cover a wide breadth of topics so you can get a solid understanding of Psychology. Areas include Social, Developmental, Biological, Cognitive, Clinical, Occupational and Forensic Psychology. The first year is common to our three different degrees, then content varies in years 2 and 3 to cover specialist areas with increased depth and module choice. In your final year you use your scientific research skills to complete a research project on a topic of your interest.

How much contact time is there?

For first and second years it is about 14 hrs of timetabled sessions. In the third year it is about 12. Total contact - seminars, lectures, labs, helpdesk, open office hours could be up to about 17 hrs. Our ‘tutorials on request’ scheme also allows you to have extra individual or small group contact time to meet their needs.

Are there many exams?

A range of different assessment is important. It is roughly split 50-50 between coursework and exams. Coursework is varied and creative and might involve producing a public information leaflet, a podcast or poster. The most substantial element of the degree is the final year dissertation, which is entirely coursework.

What makes Psychology at Leicester unique?

We are particularly proud of the level of support we provide our students. We provide support in many different ways, for example, last year we ran workshops over the summer to help students with their exams. Through this support, all first year students who took exams passed the first year.

The synergy of research and teaching is another major strength.

The breadth of expertise in the School spans almost the full range of the discipline - from applied areas and Social Psychology through to Behavioural Neuroscience - which means our courses provide an excellent experience of a great many areas of psychology.

Can I study abroad?

Many of our courses feature the opportunity to study abroad.

There are many benefits of spending time studying abroad during your course - International experiences can enhance your academic and personal skills and your employability.

Most students go for one academic year, between the second and third years of their course. However, some Schools offer one-semester options. You can also consider going on an overseas summer school, whether as a taster for a full year, or simply as a shorter alternative. And don’t worry if you don’t currently speak any other languages - we have many partner universities in other English-speaking countries, and most of our partner universities teach at least some of their classes in English.

We have exchange partner universities on every continent (except Antarctica!). Where you can go depends on your course and this list can vary from year to year.