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Frequently asked questions

Does Leicester Medical School offer full cadaveric dissection?

Yes, each group of students has their own cadaver. As well as timetabled sessions in the dissection room, there are optional drop-in sessions. We also have an extensive collection of prosections and models and students can use the dissection room in their own time.

Watch a 360 degree video about our dissection facilities

Does Leicester Medical School run a problem-based learning (PBL) course?

Our course is not PBL but does offer many active learning opportunities. Group work is done in groups of 8-9 students and you will work together in that group on a daily basis throughout the first two years. Your group will have cadaveric practical sessions in the dissecting room, as well as practical sessions learning skills such as ECG and spirometry.

What hands-on practical experience will I get to develop my skills as a doctor?

In Phase 1 (the first two years) you will learn clinical skills including history taking and physical examination skills. Our clinical skills unit allows you to learn techniques such as venepuncture in a safe setting.

In Phase 2, you are on full-time clinical placements, learning from patients and clinicians. You will also have access to our state-of-the-art Simulation Centre, with its virtual wards, sophisticated simulation manikins and other equipment allowing a wide range of low to high fidelity simulation activity to be undertaken.

Where will my hospital placements be?

Your placements will be in the three main teaching hospitals in Leicester (in-blocks) and in a number of district general hospitals in the surrounding area (out-blocks). Students will have a mixture of in-blocks and out-blocks. Free accommodation is provided when you are on out-block.

What is special about Leicester Medical School?

Our blend of innovative technology-enhanced learning, great traditional learning such as full cadaveric dissection, and the patient focus of our curriculum, provides an excellent learning experience for our students.

Academic and pastoral support is delivered by our expert and dedicated academic staff in parallel with our Pastoral Support Unit. Watch a video about our support for students here.

What preparation can I be doing before I start in September?

We are putting together some resources for offer holders but you could think about continuing to consolidate your chemistry and / or biology knowledge. Or you could start to look at an anatomy textbook e.g. Gray’s Anatomy, or perhaps a physiology textbook e.g. Ganongs Review of Medical Physiology.

Will term still start in September? Can I defer entry until 2021?

We are still planning on term starting in September but are also working on a number of alternative options as suggested by the Office for Students. We will update offer holders as soon as we know anything different.

We will not consider requests for deferral made after 1st April unless there are exceptional circumstances. We do not consider the pandemic per se as such a circumstance because it affects everyone.