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At the University of Leicester we support you and your career aspirations from the moment you arrive until after you graduate. Find out about our Career Development Service, our in-house employment agency, our Festival of Careers and other ways that we boost your employability.

Careers and Employability

Frequently asked questions

Can I do a placement year?

Yes, a Year in Industry is available on all these courses and is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable experience working (and getting paid!) in a sector of your choice. You will have full support from the School of Business Careers Team and a dedicated Year in Industry tutor.

Will all of my classes take place on the Brookfield campus?

In your first year you will split your time between Brookfield and the main University campus, getting to know all the facilities available to you in both locations. After that you'll spend more time at Brookfield, including access to Finalists Cottage in your final year. Brookfield and main campus are only a few minutes' walk apart.

How many hours a week will I spend in lectures?

During your first year you will typically have about 6 hours of lectures and between 3 and 5 hours of seminars). Outside of these scheduled classes you will be expected to continue your learning through independent self-study.

Can I change course?

Yes - within limits. The Economics and Econometrics BSc and the Financial Economics and Econometrics BSc have the same first year so you can transfer from one to the other at the end of Year 1.

Our four other courses - Economics BSc, Economics and Accounting BSc, Economics and Business BSc and Financial Economics and Banking BSc - all have the same first year so you can transfer from any one of those to another at the end of Year 1.

However, it is not possible to switch between an Econometrics and a non-Econometrics course as the first years are too different.

Are any of the courses accredited?

Yes, our Economics and Accounting BSc holds exemption accreditation with ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW. These are subject to you passing certain modules and/or your final degree classification and are a great way to get ahead in obtaining a professional qualification once you graduate.

Can I study abroad?

Many of our courses feature the opportunity to study abroad.

There are many benefits of spending time studying abroad during your course - International experiences can enhance your academic and personal skills and your employability.

Most students go for one academic year, between the second and third years of their course. However, some Schools offer one-semester options. You can also consider going on an overseas summer school, whether as a taster for a full year, or simply as a shorter alternative. And don’t worry if you don’t currently speak any other languages - we have many partner universities in other English-speaking countries, and most of our partner universities teach at least some of their classes in English.

We have exchange partner universities on every continent (except Antarctica!). Where you can go depends on your course and this list can vary from year to year.