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At the University of Leicester we support you and your career aspirations from the moment you arrive until after you graduate. Find out about our Career Development Service, our in-house employment agency, our Festival of Careers and other ways that we boost your employability.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the Year with Industry work? And the Year Abroad?

We have a specialist team who will support you if you choose the Year Abroad or Year in Industry option. In both cases, you take a year out of your studies at Leicester to gain wider experience, either on a work placement or studying at a university in another country. We have many contacts across the digital creative sector, but we also encourage students to develop their own.

What are your industry links?

We have many links with large organisations such as big games companies, media and production companies, and a host of small to medium enterprises which typify the creative tech sector. To give a few examples: the National Space Centre is a large digital creative developer; ESL run massive e-sports tournaments; MBD Ltd. make VR experiences for the heritage sector; Cuttlefish is a web and app developer with an impressive track record of innovation.

How much study time does each module take?

Each module is different in terms of the amount of classroom time involved. Also, there are many different types of classroom activity, from lectures and seminars to labs, workshops, field trips etc.

What are the career prospects for a creative computing graduate?

There are so many career paths that it is hard to list them all. Furthermore, the creative digital tech sector is changing all the time. This means that new jobs are appearing constantly. For example, you can today get a very well paid job as a 'creative technologist', something that barely existed a few years ago. The key is to be flexible and adaptable. Your best asset is your creativity, linked to your technical skills and business flair. You may work in a large digital tech company as part of a creative team, or you may set up as an entrepreneur and start up your own company. The course will train you for these outcomes.

How novel is this kind of course? It seems unusual.

It is quite unusual. Creative Computing is not like a traditional subject. It’s more of an umbrella, bring together input from across the University. It is one third creativity, one third computing and one third business. There are a few other courses in the country with the same title, but they are all quite different and usually reflect the local culture in the university. Here at Leicester, the culture is scientific and research-led, so we reflect that.

Can I study abroad?

Many of our courses feature the opportunity to study abroad.

There are many benefits of spending time studying abroad during your course - International experiences can enhance your academic and personal skills and your employability.

Most students go for one academic year, between the second and third years of their course. However, some Schools offer one-semester options. You can also consider going on an overseas summer school, whether as a taster for a full year, or simply as a shorter alternative. And don’t worry if you don’t currently speak any other languages - we have many partner universities in other English-speaking countries, and most of our partner universities teach at least some of their classes in English.

We have exchange partner universities on every continent (except Antarctica!). Where you can go depends on your course and this list can vary from year to year.