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Our dedicated Student Recruitment and Outreach team are on hand to assist you and your students as they transition into Higher Education. You can contact any member of the team directly using our live chat feature or you can email them at

Elliot Newstead

profile image of elliot

Job Title: Head of UK Student Recruitment and Outreach

Jurisdiction: I manage our UK Recruitment and Outreach team and lead on strategies to meet recruitment targets and access and participation benchmarks

Likes: Football trivia, fundraising, Higher Education policy

Dislikes: Celery, losing at quizzes, Brexit

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Dan Flatt

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Job Title: UK Student Recruitment Manager

Jurisdiction: I manage the Global Recruitment Officers and help steer the Student Recruitment strategy of the University

Likes: Gin, running, sourdough baking, football

Dislikes: Milk, the phrase 'love you to the moon and back', the song 'Proud Mary'

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Nick Cave

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Job Title: Academic Liaison Manager

Jurisdiction: I manage a number of initiatives within the Widening Participation team, including post-16 progression programmes, summer schools and departmental-led outreach

Likes: Computer games, Leicester City FC, good coffee, cooking (and then eating it), guitars

Dislikes: Bad coffee, sprouts, the word "lush" when not used to describe grass

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Oliver Rossetti

profile image of oliver

Job Title: Outreach Manager

Jurisdiction: I look after the University's national pre-16 outreach initiatives, working alongside the team and stakeholders to implement activities and widen access to university.

Likes: Travelling, Baking (cakes and sourdough), animals, countryside walks, board games

Dislikes: Bad drivers, cakes that have sunk during baking, stormy weather

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Savannah Robinson

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Job Title: UK Student Recruitment Officer

Jurisdiction: I manage school and college relations in the East Midlands, East of England and the Home Counties to ensure teachers, advisers and students get the higher education opportunities and advice they need to progress to university.

Likes: Looking after animals, theatre, netball, PIZZA!

Dislikes: Parsnip, Justin Bieber songs, buses

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Ashleigh Williams 

profile image of ashleigh

Job Title: UK Student Recruitment Officer

Jurisdiction: I look after school and college contacts in the West Midlands, Oxfordshire and the North, attending and hosting events for post-16 students as well as supporting teachers and advisers on all things 'applying to university'.

Likes: Reading, being outside, music, travelling and eating

Dislikes: Being cold, people spelling my name with a 'y', bad manners and forgetting about your tea and realising it's cold.

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Ellie Weatherley

Headshot of Ellie Weatherley

Job Title: UK Student Recruitment Officer

Jurisdiction: I look after schools and colleges in the South East/London. This involves attending lots of events for students, teachers and advisers. I'm here to help with anything relating to going to university - what to expect and how to apply. 

Likes: Muddy dog walks, white chocolate cookies, anything Disney

Dislikes: Saying 'crimbo' instead of Christmas, celery, getting the lyrics to a song wrong

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Charlotte Barratt 

profile image of charlotte

Job Title: UK Student Recruitment Officer (Postgraduate and Mature)

Jurisdiction: I look after mature and postgraduate students who are looking at courses at any level (essentially anyone over 21).

Likes: Geekery, cats, growing things, learning

Dislikes: Cauliflower, -isms, bad smells!

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Nicola Lumb

profile image of nicola

Job Title: Academic Liaison Officer

Jurisdiction: My role focuses on working with our academic colleagues to lead on departmental led outreach. I will be working with both pre and post-16 students, predominately from a WP background.

Likes: Reading, travelling, being busy.

Dislikes: Peas, 'Sunday drivers', the Insurance industry!

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Lorna Powell

profile image of lorna

Job Title: Outreach Officer

Jurisdiction: I work with pre-16 schools and students to deliver outreach activities. 

Likes: Hockey, guinea pigs, chocolate brownies

Dislikes: Quizzes, salt and vinegar crisps

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Anita Johnson

Headshot of Anita Johnson

Job Title: UK Student Recruitment and Outreach Assistant (year in industry)

Jurisdiction: I work alongside the team, providing help and support to post-16 students with anything related to applying to university, student life, choosing a course, personal statements and much more.

Likes: Dogs, music, netball and baking

Dislikes: Ketchup, slow walkers and artificial flowers/plants

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Mohamed Bedar

Headshot of Mohamed Bedar

Job Title: UK Student Recruitment and Outreach Student Assistant (year in industry)

Jurisdiction: I work as part of the pre-16 outreach team delivering outreach activities with the aim of boosting the students aspirations and attainment.

Likes: Sports, video games and lasagne

Dislikes: Reality TV, broccoli and toffee sweets 

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