Tuition fee and maintenance loans

Tuition Fee Loan

All first time UK or EU students, irrespective of household circumstances, can take out a Tuition Fee Loan from the Government which covers the cost of the tuition fee for each year of the course. This includes part-time courses. You won't have to pay anything back until you're earning over £21,000 per year.

Tuition fees for UK or EU students on our undergraduate degrees are currently set at £9,000 per year. For courses with work placements, the placement year fee is £1,000 per year. For courses with a year abroad, the fee for that year is £1,250.

You can find out more about tuition fee loans on the Student Room's Student Finance Zone.

Maintenance Loan

If you are a UK student taking a full-time course, you can get a Maintenance Loan of up to £8,434 per year from the Government. This is a separate loan to the Tuition Fee Loan. The amount you get depends on your household income - see the table below. You will only have to start repaying this loan after you have graduated and once you are earning at least £21,000 a year. Please note that Maintenance Loans are not available to EU students or for part-time courses.

Total Government support for living costs

Household income Maintenance loan 2017
£25,000 or less £8,434
£30,000 £7,825
£35,000 £7,220
£40,000 £6,615
£45,000 £6,009
£50,000 £5,404
£55,000 £4,799
£60,000 £4,193
over £62,141 £3,934

You must apply each year for your Maintenance Loan. The Maintenance Loan is paid directly into your account at the beginning of each term.

This student finance calculator can help you to work out how much you can expect to receive.

Future Finance Student Loans

Future Finance offers students the opportunity to apply for a loan of up to £40,000.

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