Registering with a doctor

When you move to Leicester, we advise you to register with a local doctor. Doctors, nurses and administrative staff at the Victoria Park Health Centre, the nearest Health Centre, have expertise in ‘student health’ and they work closely with the University to support you in times of ill health.

The Victoria Park Health Centre usually has registration sessions during the first week of the academic year in the halls of residence. It's a good idea to register during your first week, but you can register at any time.

If you are currently registered with a doctor elsewhere, we recommend that you transfer to the Victoria Park Health Centre whilst you are a student with us so that the doctors have access to your medical history and are then better equipped to help you. Find out more about registering with a doctor.

Victoria Park Health Centre
Victoria Park Road
+44 (0)116 215 1105
Victoria Park Health Centre​ website

Information for International Students

You should register with a General Practitioner (GP) doctor if you're studying on a course lasting more than six months. Registering at a GP is free, however if you are an international student (Non-EEA) then you may need to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge. If you are here for less than six months you will be seen on a temporary resident basis if your healthcare problem is urgent. If you are here for less than three months you are not eligible for healthcare under the National Health Service and should have private health insurance to cover the cost of health care if required. Find out more about how to register with the Victoria Park Health Centre.

The management and medication for some conditions may be different in this country and some medication which is used in other countries may not be available here. If you already have a medical condition it is extremely important to register with the Victoria Park Health Centre or a local health centre. Make an appointment to see a doctor soon after arrival in this country to discuss how you can manage your condition to avoid any unnecessary disruption to your studies. Please bring with you information from your current doctor which includes diagnosis and current management, including medication. If you are taking medication you should bring enough to last at least 12 weeks.

Please note: If you are a student from another country in the European Union, here for less than 6 months, you will require a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which must be obtained from your home country.