Sociology at Leicester

Undergraduate courses

Flexibility underpins our degree structure, which means you will get to shape the content of your degree to suit your own interests and career pathways. Whichever direction you choose, you will be taught by enthusiastic scholars who are keen to share their expertise with you.

Sociology at Leicester provides teaching for students from other departments (including Criminology, Media and Communication, Psychology & Vision Sciences, and Politics and International Relations), so you will have the opportunity to meet and learn from those with a wide range of academic interests.

Undergraduate degrees

Sociology BA
Full-time, 3 years | UCAS code: L300
Sociology is the study of humans in society. It sounds broad because it is, but it will take you into the most fascinating areas of social existence, all around the globe and across every aspect of modern life.

Media, Society and Culture BA (with optional year abroad)
Full-time, 3-4 years | UCAS code: PL33
Media and society have a complicated relationship. Why is this? It’s an increasingly important question, and one you’ll tackle through in-depth study of the key debates and theories that underpin it.

Politics and Sociology BA (with optional year abroad)
Full-time, 3-4 years | UCAS code: LL23
How does the political world shape the social order? It’s an immense question. But in this degree, you’ll learn how to break it down into useable parts by studying politics and sociology side by side.

Sociology with Criminology BA
Full-time, 3 years
How does crime affect our lives? How and why are certain behaviours categorised as a crime? Studying Sociology with Criminology will give you a sociological insight into the world of crime.

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