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Technological Innovation

The rapid pace of technological advancement has led to innovative technologies disrupting traditional business models and practices, as well as how markets are structured and regulated.  These technological innovations have the potential to transform almost every aspect of governance, finance, and enterprise.  To harness the full potential of these innovations, it is important to evaluate how best to use them to advance the sound and effective functioning of institutions, markets, and economic agents.  For instance, some digital technologies have become a major enabler of more efficient, effective, and less risky operations in the financial sector.  Others, lead to an increase in market risk.  In particular, numerous reputational, legal, and financial risks have arisen with the advent of generative artificial intelligence.  Therefore, financial institutions need to clearly articulate their risk appetite, vigilance and compliance brought about by technological innovations.  By researching and evaluating the best ways to use these innovations, we can ensure that institutions, markets, and economic agents function soundly and effectively, thereby promoting sustainable economic development.

Examples of our engagement and contribution to practice and policy/regulatory debates

Jacob Seifert’s research on cybersecurity has resulted in numerous projects focused on improving regulation of cybersecurity.  These include Regulatory Interactions and the Design of Optimal, Cybersecurity Policies and Secure Hardware Adoption in the Open Data Context 

Listen to Mat Hughes' podcasts discussing issues associated with the adoption of AI by businesses:

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Ania Zalewska has been a UK representative at the Management Committee of the EU COST Action on Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance (also see her opinion piece on The future of cryptocurrencies is bright).

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