Richard III: Discovery and identification


A project such as this could not have succeeded without the contribution of many individuals and organisations. The University of Leicester would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, especially Philippa Langley whose inspiration and enthusiasm brought the project to fruition. together with Richard Taylor of the University of Leicester and members of the Richard III Society, including Annette Carson, the late Dr Phil Stone, and the late Dr John Ashdown-Hill.

From Leicester City Council, we would also like to thank:

  • the City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby
  • Sarah Levitt
  • Laura Hadland
  • Nisha Popat
  • David Orton from the Museum Service
  • Chris Wardle, former City Archaeologist
  • Mick Bowers and all the staff at Social Services for their help and understanding during disruption to the car park
  • Nick Weston and Satish Shah of City Highways for the reinstatement of the trenches


  • Paul Watkins of William Davis Ltd. for allowing us access to the former Leicester Grammar School playground (2012)
  • Richard Frape and the staff of Morgan Sindall for their assistance during the 2013 excavation
  • We are especially grateful to David Brown of JoinPoint organising the tarmac cutting, plant, fencing and crowd barriers, and to Steve Stell and Paul Finnegan for their masterly control of the mechanical digger (2012).

At the University, we received much support from Press Office staff:

  • Ather Mirza
  • Peter Thorley
  • Mark Riley Cardwell
  • Hannah Tucker
  • Debbie Evanson

Marketing and Web:

  • Mike Simpson
  • Vic Russell
  • Michelle Heap


  • Angela Chorley

Alumni Development:

  • Fran Wilson

Multimedia Services:

  • Jon Shears
  • Carl Vivian
  • Colin Brooks

Richard III Outreach:

  • Charlotte Barratt
  • Debbie Frearson
  • Debbie Miles

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the many archaeologists, specialists and volunteers who contributed to the excavations and the post-excavation analysis:

  • Heidi Addison
  • Steve Baker
  • Jennifer Browning
  • Richard Buckley
  • Nick Cooper
  • Jon Coward
  • Tony Gnanaratnam
  • Tom Hoyle
  • Leon Hunt
  • Neil Jefferson
  • Elizabeth Johnson
  • Jamie Patrick
  • Anita Radini
  • Susan Ripper
  • Debbie Sawday

 University of Leicester staff:

  • Professor Lin Foxhall (now University of Liverpool) - School of Archaeology and Ancient History
  • Dr Jackie Hall - School of Archaeology and Ancient History
  • Deirdre O’Sullivan - School of Archaeology and Ancient History
  • Dr Ian Whitbread - School of Archaeology and Ancient History
  • Professor Sarah Hainsworth (now Aston University) - Department of Engineering
  • Richard Earp - Department of Engineering
  • Professor Guy Rutty - Forensic Pathology Unit
  • Allison Brough - Forensic Pathology Unit
  • Claire Robinson -Forensic Pathology Unit
  • Professor Bruno Morgan - University Imaging Unit
  • Rita Neumann - Department of Genetics and Genome Biology
  • Professor David Ekserdjian - History of Art and Film
  • John Holt - School of Physics and Astronomy

Colleagues from other organisations:

  • Professor Russell Harris - Loughborough University (now University of Leeds)
  • David Thompson -  Loughborough University
  • Professor Jane Evans - British Geological Survey
  • Dr Angela Lamb - British Geological Survey
  • Derek Hamilton - SUERC
  • Peter Forster - University of Cambridge
  • Pierpaolo Maisano Delser - University of Cambridge
  • Dr Piers Mitchell - University of Cambridge
  • Professor Caroline Wilkinson - University of Dundee (now Liverpool John Moores University)
  • Professor Christopher Ramsey - ORAU
  • Dr Nick Holder - Regent’s University London
  • Robert Woosnam-Savage - Royal Armouries
  • Professor Michael Hofreiter - University of York (University of Potsdam)
  • Dr Gloria Gonzalez Fortes - University of York
  • Mark G. Thomas - UCL
  • David Balding - UCL (now University of Melbourne)
  • Dr Patricia Balaresque - Université Paul Sabatier
  • Dr Laure Tonasso - Université Paul Sabatier
  • Walther Parson - Institute of Legal Medicine, Innsbruck
  • Michael Knapp - University of Otago
  • Susan Walsh - Indiana University
  • Manfred Kayser - Erasmus University, Rotterdam


  • Stephen Bell
  • Pauline Carroll
  • Claire Calver
  • Martyn Henson
  • Pauline Houghton
  • Karen Ladniuk
  • Emma Link
  • Andy McLeish
  • Kim Sidwell
  • Ken Wallace

Finally, a special thanks to Dr Patrick Clay, Vicki Score and Jackie Swallow for not only keeping ULAS running but also for their considerable help and support.

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