Research and Teaching staff

To make free calls from the University network to the UHL Hospital network dial 83 + appropriate 4-digit extension.

Precede number with 0116 when dialling outside of area.

Name Position Telephone Location Group
Rebecca Baggaley (Waller)  WTISSF Research Fellow   MSB 130 M Pareek
Emily Castells  Research Technician   MSB G28 C Pashley
Latifa Chachi  Research Assistant   GGH C Brightling
Kelly Chamberlain  Administrator   RKCSB PCD
Mrinal Das  WTISSF Fellow   MSB 211 A Cooper
Jonathan Decker  Research Assistant   MSB 136 M Barer
Sarah Diver  Clinical Research Fellow   GGH C Brightling
Yvonne Docherty  Office Manager / PA   GGH BRC C Brightling
Gillian Doe  Research Associate (Clinical)   GGH R Evans
Tracey Edwards  Quality Compliance Officer   GGH C Brightling
Gill Elliott  Histology Facility Manager  250 2767 GGH BRC C Brightling 
Omer Elneima  Clinical Research Fellow    GGH BRC  C Brightling 
Robeena Farzand  Research Assistant   MSB 136 M Barer
Robert Free  Research Fellow in Biomedical Informatics    GGH C Brightling
Natalie Garton  Research Fellow   MSB 136 M Barer
Ozcan Gazioglu  Research Assistant 252 5671  MSB 127  H Yesilkaya
Medhanie Habtom  Technician 252 3362  MSB 221A  H Yesilkaya
Richard Haigh  Post-Doctoral Research Associate   MSB 136 M Barer
Koirobi Haldar  Post-Doctoral Research Associate   MSB 136 C Brightling 
Robert Hirst  Principal Scientist 252 5817  RKCSB PCD
Aamir Hussain Research Assistant   GGH BRC Y Amrani
Wadah Ibrahim  Clinical Research Fellow   GGH S Siddiqui
Heena Jagatia  Post-Doctoral Research Associate   MSB G Mukamolova
Amy Jones  Research Assistant    GGH  S Singh
Davinder Kaur  Post-Doctoral Research Associate 258 3011 GGH C Brightling
Lorna Latimer  Respiratory Research Exercise Physiologist    GGH BRC  M Steiner
Joanne Lee  Administrator   GGH BRC P Haldar
Hilary Marshall  Research Assistant  256 2767 GGH A Wardlaw
Reanne Marshall  Commercial Laboratory Manager    MSB 228 Water analysis
Hamish McAuley  Clinical Research Fellow    GGH BRC  N Greening 
Teresa McNally  Nurse   RKCSB E Gaillard
Ruhme Miah  Research Project Manager   GGH S Singh
Vijay Mistry  Technician  250 2705 GGH C Brightling
Neda Nezam Abadi  Technician   MSB 211 A Cooper
Petr Novotny Clinical Research Fellow    GGH C Brightling
Mark Orme  Senior Research Associate & RECHARGE Research Manager   GGH S Singh
John Pearl  Experimental Officer   MSB 211 A Cooper
Mohammadali Ramsheh  Research Assistant   MSB 136 C Brightling 
Matthew Richardson  Statistician   GGH BRC C Brightling 
Eva-Maria Rick  Post-Doctoral Research Associate   MSB G28 D Cousins 
Silke Roscher  Research Technician   MSB R Wallis
Andrew Rutman  Research Associate   RKCSB PCD
Jack Satchwell  Technician   MSB G28  C Pashley
Ruth Saunders  Research Fellow 258 3011 GGH C Brightling
Ben Savidge  Technician   MSB 211 A Cooper 
Paul Seear  Post-Doctoral Research Associate   MSB G28 C Pashley
Amisha Singapuri  Clinical Trials Project Manager 258 3072  GGH C Brightling
Anastasios Stavrou  WTISSF Fellow    MSB 211 A Cooper
Panayiota Stylianou  Post-Doctoral Research Associate   GGH B Gooptu
Fiona Symon  Experimental Officer   GGH A Wardlaw
Shikha Tandel  Research Technician   MSB 227 G Mukamolova
Elena Toader  Research Technician   RKCSB PCD
Chao Tong  Research Software Engineer    GGH C Brightling
Obolbek Turapov  Post-Doctoral Research Associate    MSB 227  G Mukamolova
Katy Uttridge  Research Fellow    GGH P Bradding
Cathryn Weston  Post-Doctoral Research Associate    GGH  D Cousins
Gwyneth Williams  Technician  258 3247 RKCSB  PCD
Anika Wisniewska Research Technician    MSB 136 M Barer
Adam Wright  Post-Doctoral Research Associate  258 3011  GGH C Brightling 
Ahmed Yousuf  Clinical Research Fellow    GGH  C Brightling
Bo Zhao  Post-Doctoral Research Associate    GGH C Brightling

Key facts

GGH: Glenfield General Hospital 

MSB: Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Building

RKCSB: Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building