Department of Respiratory Sciences

Research and Teaching staff

To make free calls from the University network to the UHL Hospital network dial 83 + appropriate 4-digit extension.

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Name Position Telephone Location
Mohamad Abdulwhhab  Research Associate (M Barer group)   MSB 136
Karen Adler  Research Technician (M Barer group)   MSB 136
Zahira Ahmed  Research Project Manager (S Singh group)    GGH BRC 
Hnin Wint Wint Aung  Clinical Research Fellow (S Siddiqui / N Greening group)    GGH BRC
Luke Baker  Research Associate (M Steiner group)    GGH BRC
Michael Biddle  Research Associate (P Bradding group)   GGH CSW
Michelle Bingham  Research Administrator (C Brightling group)    GGH BRC
Luke Bryant  Research Software Engineer (R Free group)    GGH BRC 
Kelly Chamberlain  Senior Data Administrator (PCD service) 252 3264  HB 513
Mrinal Das  WTISSF Fellow (A Cooper group) 373 6453  MSB 211
Jonathan Decker  Research Assistant (M Barer group)   MSB 136
Yvonne Docherty  Office Manager / PA (C Brightling group) 258 3656  GGH BRC
Gillian Doe  Research Programme Manager (R Evans group)   GGH
Tracey Edwards  Quality Compliance Officer (C Brightling group)   GGH
Gill Elliott  Histology Facility Manager (C Brightling group) 250 2767 GGH BRC
Omer Elneima  Clinical Research Fellow (C Brightling group) 258 3692  GGH BRC 
Eve Fletcher  Research Technician (M Barer group)   MSB 136
Robert Free  Research Fellow in Biomedical Informatics (C Brightling group)   GGH
Ozcan Gazioglu  Research Assistant (H Yesilkaya group) 252 5671  MSB 127 
Mayuri Gogoi  Post-Doctoral Research Associate (M Pareek group)   LRI
Agnieszka Grabczyk  Study Administrator (S Singh Group)   GGH 
Medhanie Habtom  Research Technician (H Yesilkaya group) 252 3362  MSB 221A 
Richard Haigh  Post-Doctoral Research Associate (M Oggioni / M Barer group)   MSB 136
Koirobi Haldar  Post-Doctoral Research Associate (C Brightling group)   MSB 136
Robert Hirst Principal Scientist (PCD Service) 252 5817  HB 513
Davinder Kaur Post-Doctoral Research Associate (C Brightling group) 258 3011 GGH
Maria Khan Research Technician (PCD Service)   HB 513
Jee-Whang Kim  Clinical Research Fellow (P Haldar)     
Lorna Latimer Respiratory Research Exercise Physiologist  (M Steiner group)   GGH BRC 
Joanne Lee  Administrator (P Haldar group) 258  3208 GGH BRC
Hilary Marshall Research Assistant  256 2767 GGH BRC
Reanne Marshall  Commercial Laboratory Manager (Water analysis)    MSB 228
Christopher Martin  Clinical Research Fellow (M Pareek group)    LRI
Hamish McAuley  Clinical Research Fellow (N Greening group) 258 3692  GGH BRC 
Vijay Mistry  Laboratory Projects Manager (C Brightling group) 250 2705 GGH BRC
Vishant Modhwadia  Study Administrator (M Pareek group)    
Petr Novotny Research Associate (C Brightling group) 258 3692  GGH
Muhammad Ismail Novsarka  Research Administrator (P Haldar group)   GGH
O'Regan Laura  Research Project Manager (M Barer group)   MSB 136
Daniel Pan Clinical Research Fellow (M Pareek & M Barer groups)   RKCSB 
Chinar Pathak  Post-Doctoral Research Associate (B Gooptu group)    GGH BRC
Holly Reilly  Research Project Manager (M Pareek group)    MSB 
Matthew Richardson  Statistician (C Brightling group)   GGH BRC
Jack Satchwell  Technician (C Pashley group)   MSB G28 
Ruth Saunders  Research Fellow (C Brightling group) 258 3011 GGH
Marco Sereno  Senior Data Management Officer (C Brightling group)   GGH BRC
Ameen Shah  Clinical Research Fellow (C Brightling group)   GGH BRC
Tylon Smith  Research Technician (M Barer group)    MSB 136 
Sally Stinton  Histopathology Research Fellow (C Brightling group)    GGH BRC
Panayiota Stylianou  Post-Doctoral Research Associate (B Gooptu group)   GGH
Ananga Sundari-Devi-Dasi  Clinical Trials Project Manager (B Brightling group)  258 3072  GGH BRC 
Fiona Symon  Experimental Officer   GGH
Hannah Waterhouse  Research Fellow (S Singh group)   GGH BRC
Gwyneth Williams  Technician (PCD Service) 258 3247 HB 513 
Adam Wright  Post-Doctoral Research Associate (C Brightling group) 258 3011  GGH

Key facts

GGH: Glenfield General Hospital 

HB: Hodgkin Building

MSB: Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Building

RKCSB: Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building

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