Department of Respiratory Sciences

Professional Services staff

The table below shows the contact details for our Professional Services staff.

We also have a number of generic e-mails in operation, for HRfinance, procurement, and postgraduate research related matters. For all other matters or general enquiries, please contact

Name Position Telephone Location
Hannah Brewin Operations Manager    MSB 437
Allison Lee-Patel PGR Administrator   MSB 438
Erica Harris  Departmental Administrator (HR)   MSB 438
Farah Badakshi  Departmental Technician 252 3362 MSB 221a 
Matt Barker  Technical Services Manager 252 5534  MSB 
Mark Duffy  Experimental Officer / Technical Services Manager 07748 624385  GGH 
Bryony EagleHemming  Departmental Technician  252 3362  MSB 221a 
Irina Elliott  Departmental Technician 252 3362  MSB 221a
Peter Hickenbotham  Departmental Technician 252 3362  MSB 221a
Helen Pearson  Departmental Technician 252 3362 MSB 221a
Gosia Rekas  Departmental Technician 258 3024 GGH

Precede number with 0116 when dialling outside of area. To make free calls from the University network to the UHL Hospital network dial 83 + appropriate 4-digit extension.

For IT support, please see below

Name  Position  Telephone  Location 
Jitin Liladhar  College Computer Officer  252 3057  MSB 
Mark Duffy  Departmental IT Contact  07748 624385
Hannah Brewin  Departmental IT Contact & Web Maintainer    MSB 437 

MSB= Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Building

GGH= Glenfield General Hospital 

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