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Research involving the NHS

For projects that involve the NHS and fall under the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research the University of Leicester can act as a Sponsor for its researchers. These projects receive their ethical approval from a dedicated NHS Research Ethics Committee. We provide a mandatory suite of Standard Operating Procedures for all research projects sponsored by the University of Leicester taking place within the NHS.

We are the proud sponsors of the following research projects:

  1. UKAGS
  2. The Pathophysiology of Interstitial Lung Disease
  3. Genetic studies of complex and common strabismus and their associated anomalies
  4. Measurement of cell free plasma biomarkers in women with a family history of breast cancer
  5. The role of peripheral and central vision in postural stability
  6. Genetic causes of chronic cough and neuropathy
  7. A Feasibility Study of Coronary OCT Correlation and Strain Mapping
  9. UKTAVI 
  10. Sample and data collection for diastolic heart failure study
  11. VIM
  12. The GENVASC Study:Sample and data collection for diastolic heart failure study
  13. Microbial diversity in the sputum of patients with cystic fibrosis
  14. OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) and Ocular Development
  15. EuPatch
  16. Diagnostic potential of low frequency cardiac & skeletal muscle sound
  18. Extended cohort for e-health, environment and DNA (EXCEED) Study
  19. The MaRACAS Study
  20. Epidemiology, management, outcomes and pathophysiology of SCAD
  21. A Study of the Dural Venous Vasculature in Infants Version 1
  22. EAST - Early Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation for Stroke Prevention Trial
  23. Predicting drug and radiation sensitivity in thoracic cancers
  24. Characterisation of thoracic malignancies using archival human tissue
  25. Statistical methods for population-based cancer data
  26. The REACT study
  27. Developing new models for prevention or treatment of cancer v1
  28. Histopathological characterisation of NHL using novel T-cell markers
  29. STAND UP - Experimental intervention
  30. Use of cardiac muscle sounds to optimize cardiac resynchronization therapy
  31. The DIASTOLIC Study
  32. Characterising Phenotypes of Mtb Infection (ISIT-TB)
  33. Predictors of late adverse affects after radiotherapy
  34. SACD-CAE
  35. Effects of hospitalisation on acute exacerbations of airways disease
  36. MINERVA UK Multicentre Investigation
  37. COMBAT-ID 1
  38. COMBAT-ID 2
  39. Cognitive predictors of recovery after brain injury
  40. Non-invasive monitoring
  41. UK PTCL Biobank
  42. RASP Bronchoscopy Study
  43. EMBER Study
  44. Obesity Paradox and Epigenetics in Cardiac Surgery
  45. PREDICT Study
  46. SINGLED 
  47. CODEC Study
  48. Format of patient education for different sociodemographic groups
  50. The BABY STEPS study
  51. MAP (Movement through Active Personalised engagement)
  52. LENTEN
  53. Mapping emergency admissions of older adults with multimorbidity
  54. STRIVE Study
  55. Mesothelioma Stratified Therapy (MiST) 
  56. Statistical methods for colorectal cancer
  57. Virtual Aneurysm Screening Project
  58. SPIRAL 
  59. TIssue Models for Invasive Disease (TIMID)
  60. (BELIGA) Efficacy and Safety of Belimumab in the Treatment of IgA Nephropathy
  61. Chronic Breathlessness Cohort Study
  62. Embedding Diabetes Education (RCT)
  63. Understanding hospital associated disability in exacerbations of COPD
  64. CMR in ACS
  65. VICORI
  66. The EURO-SHOCK Trial version 1
  67. The Val-CARD Trial
  69. Isolation of Clostridium difficile from human faeces (CDIFFPHAGE)
  70. Anti-ST2 in COPD
  71. The Multi-Ethnic Lifestyle Study
  72. The CONFIRM Study
  73. UNTRAP-1
  74. The ReST Study
  75. The Cognition and Flow Study
  76. Inflammatory Response and Organ Injury in Cardiac Surgery Patients
  77. Brain TV - Clinical Investigation
  78. Understanding hospital transfers from care homes in England
  79. AKI-Recover
  80. Ward RoUNd CommunIcaTion for Autistic PatiEnts in Mental Health UNITE
  81. DISCORDANCE study V1.0
  82. The SPRINT Study
  83. Leg Ischaemia Management Collaboration (LiMb) 
  84. Role of Elastin metabolites in aortic remodelling in AS (V1)
  85. MRI for Aortic Dissection to Visualise inflammation
  86. USURP AF-study II
  88. Patients and carers' understanding of anticipatory medications
  89. SMARTHEART Validation Study
  90. Cerebral Haemodynamics in Transient Ischaemic Attack
  91. A Patient-Reported Outcome Measure for Emergency Care of Older People
  92. Feasibility of low energy diet in HFpEF and type 2 diabetes
  93. EASY-AS
  94. CONTROL  The effect of Canagliflozin 300mg in subjects without diabetes after bariatric surgery, on glucose homeostasis (CONTROL): A proof-of-concept,
  95. randomised, open-label, two period crossover study.
  96. Multi-sited, mainstreaming of the term Snuby® to all types of births
  97. Diagnostic pathways for patients with chronic breathlessness.
  98. Safety and Activity of Sparsentan in the Treatment of IgA Nephropathy
  99. The 'SIT and be FIT' study - Version 1.0
  100. Emergency Care for Older People - WP2
  101. Sleep Measurement Study
  102. Home-based exercise in Renal Transplant patients: The ECSERT Study
  103. UMMPUT - Urine metabolomics of MDR-TB patients undergoing treatment
  104. Video reflexive ethnography for service improvement in an AMU
  105. P-VECT Study
  106. The work and career experiences of BAME doctors in NHS England
  107. The RESET study
  108.  The UMPIRE Study
  109. Professionals’ Sense-Making of Distress Associated with Clean-Eating
  110. CMR versus CT-FFR in CAD
  111. SurfON
  112. Probing Impaired Cognition in Dizzines
  113. BEAT Severe Asthma
  114. Pollution and Health in the NHS (PHN)
  115. SALT
  116. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology
  117. Inter-field strength agreement of CMR derived strain
  118. Validity of the SPANS in a Stroke population
  119. CR:developing an intervention to improve acceptance of referral in HF 
  120. Predicting hospitalisation in heart failure using PROMs
  121. VISTA
  122. EXPLORE: An assessment of the diversity of clinical trial design and their acceptability to participants
  123. Communication and decision-making: a qualitative study
  124. CRISP
  125. Pre-videoing focus groups to improve care in a CDU
  126. CAP-AI
  127. Dapagliflozin, Exercise Training and physicAl function: the DETA trial
  128. DA VINCI: (Part 1) Developing visual identification for dementia patients
  129. An observational study of COPD-ST2OP
  130. Home-based resistance exercise training in CKD
  131. Understanding The Unexplained: South Asian Young People & MUS
  132. Yakult Study CRN EM
  133. RADprecise
  134. Outcome Prioritisation Tool: Priorities of multimorbid patients in a multi-age multi-ethnic setting
  135. PET-HF (Probiotic Effect on TMAO – Heart Failure)
  136. DA VINCI PART 2
  137. Real-time LV volumetric assessment
  138. Brain Pulse - Multicentre Study V.1 
  139. Immunophenotyping of subjects across the TB spectrum (ISATS)

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