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Institutional Statement of Compliance on Export Controls

The University of Leicester is operating in an increasingly global capacity in respect of our international research collaborations and interactions. with works on hundreds of research projects with international partners across the globe. The University encourages and values international engagement. Our international profile and partnerships are critical to our ability to undertake world-changing research. However, as an institution engaged in research and knowledge exchange with international partners, we must be alert to the possibility of our research being misused when exported.

Export controls (Export Control Order 2008) imposed by the UK government will likely apply to some of our research and education activity. We must understand the controls ensure compliance.

UK export control refers to a set of legal restrictions on eth transfer of certain goods, equipment, materials, software and technology from the UL to destinations outside the UK. The aims of the restrictions are to:

  • Protect national security / Prevent conflict / Prevent human rights abuse;
  • Prevent Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) proliferation / Prevent terrorism.

In addition, other controls such as HMG Foreign policy, sanctions and arms embargoes may apply. Export control regulations don’t only apply to the transfer of physical items but also to the transfer of information (data, software, knowledge, know how).

University commitment to export control compliance

The University understands the importance of export control compliance and is committed to ensuring compliance. To ensure that the University and its people fulfil the legal obligations the University has implemented:

  • Export Control and National Security and Investment Act Policy
  • Export control training and guidance

Overall responsibility

The Registrar & Secretary has overall responsibility for export control compliance supported by the Research Governance Office (RED).  As part of this commitment the University will ensure compliance with legislation. Failure to do so would bring serious penalties for the University and for the individuals concerned.

Individual Responsibility

The University expects all individuals engaged in research to recognise that they are personally responsible for their own research practice and for ensuring that they comply with any export control and sanctions legislation and requirements which apply to their activities.

Individuals (particularly those working in science and engineering disciplines) must ensure that they:

  • Have read and understand the Export Control and national Security Act Policy and associated procedures and guidance.
  • Are aware that their research may be in scope and subject to export controls regulations
  • Do not engage in any activity for which an export control licence is required.
  • Seek advice from the Trusted Research team (Research Governance Office) or email: trustedresearch@leicester.ac.uk

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