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College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities


Dr Rob Wilks "Making Equality Law Work For Deaf People"


Dr Jalpa Ruparelia "Critical thinking and critical being; a study of ‘international’ Initial Teacher Education (ITE) students’ interpretations of criticality"


Dr Ruth Webber "Picturing Home: Exploring the Everyday Home-Making Practices of Migrant, Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Women in Glasgow" (The University of Manchester, School of Social Sciences, Sociology).

Dr Lisa Benjamin "Energy companies and climate change: towards a greener corporate objective?"


Dr Phillippa Mapes "The English Wallpaper Trade, 1750-1830” (History, Politics and International Relations).

Dr Clare Canning "Religious heritage in transition: Sikh places of worship in England" (Archaeology and Ancient History).

Dr Marco Checchi "An exploration of the organisational creativity of resistance exceeding its confrontational stance" (Business).

Dr Laura Guihen "'You’ve got to have fire in your belly to be a head teacher’: The career decision-making of women deputy head teachers" (Education).

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