Centre for Exoplanet Research

Awards and collaborations

Dr Sarah Casewell, Dr Matt Burleigh and Professor Richard Alexander are members of the PLATO consortium (Complementary science and theory working groups).

Dr Sarah Casewell is a member of the ESA Science team for the Ariel exoplanet mission, as well as the JWST Early Release Science team for transiting planets and is Chair of the STFC Panel for Allocation of Telescope Time for the Isaac Newton Group of telescopes. She also sits on the LSST executive group and STFC’s New Technology Telescope oversight board.

Dr Mike Goad sits on the NGTS board for Leicester.

Professor Richard Alexander is a member of the HST large programme Odysseus.

Dr Matt Burleigh is a member of STFC’s Extremely Large Telescope oversight board and Chair of the SAAO User group.

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