School of Psychology and Vision Sciences

Emeritus and honorary staff

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Emeritus Professors and Readers

Name Position Email Room Telephone
Bull, Professor Ray Emeritus Professor

Davies, Professor Graham  Emeritus Professor

Dogra, Professor Nisha
Emeritus Professor

Forsythe, Professor Ian  Emeritus Professor     
Gottlob, Professor Irene  Emeritus Professor    
Hart, Professor Paul
Emeritus Professor
ADR 232
252 3348 
Hollin, Professor Clive
Emeritus Professor 

Lansdale, Professor Mark
Emeritus Professor 

Stammers, Professor Rob
Emeritus Professor

Wang, Professor Michael
Emeritus Professor

University Fellows and Honorary Visiting Staff

Name Position Email Room Telephone
Abbott, Mr Joseph  Honorary Senior Lecturer      
Aljassmi, Dr Maryam  Honorary Visiting Fellow    
Anwar, Dr Samira Honorary Senior Lecturer      
Apergis-Schoute, Dr John  Honorary Visiting Fellow    
Banerjee, Dr Somnath
Honorary Lecturer    
Boon, Dr Julian  Honorary Senior Lecturer     
Chaudhuri, Mr Ray Honorary Associate Professor    
Cooley, Dr Sam  Honorary Lecturer    
Crossley, Dr John   Honorary Senior Lecturer     
Dale, Dr Maria  Honorary Lecturer     
Fassad, Dr Samuel Honorary Fellow    
Fenton, Dr Kelly  Honorary Lecturer     
Gibson, Dr Claire Honorary Associate Professor    
Hogervorst, Professor Eef Honorary Visiting Professor    
Hussain, Dr Nahin Honorary Senior Lecturer     
Khalil Toor, Dr Hafsa Honorary Fellow    
Knight, Dr Caroline  Honorary Lecturer     
Kuht, Dr Helen  Honorary Fellow    
Laher, Dr Aftab  Honorary Lecturer     
Liu, Dr Nina  Honorary Visiting Fellow     
Maconachie, Dr Gail Honorary Fellow    
Margetts, Dr Alex  Honorary Lecturer    
Marra, Dr Vincenzo  Honorary Lecturer    
Mehta, Dr Yash  Honorary Fellow    
Mendonca, Dr Marina  Honorary Lecturer    
Moffatt, Dr Samuel  Honorary Fellow    
Morgan, Dr Gareth   Honorary Associate Professor    
Orrell, Professor Martin Honorary Visiting Professor    
Pilat, Dr Anastasia
Honorary Clinical Lecturer
Prakash, Dr Esha  Honorary Fellow    
Pulford, Dr Briony Honorary Associate Professor    
Quian-Quiroga, Professor Rodrigo  Visiting Professor     
Rea, Professor Peter Honorary Professor    
Rufai, Dr Sohaib Honorary Lecturer    
Sampath, Dr Raghavan
Honorary Associate Professor    
Sheth, Dr Viral  Honorary Lecturer     
Soltan, Dr Marina  Honorary Fellow     
Stephan, Professor Blossom  Honorary Visiting Professor    
Subramaniam, Dr Hari Honorary Senior Lecturer     
Takmilhomayouni, Ms Nastaran Honorary Fellow    
Tyradellis, Mr Straton  Honorary Lecturer     
Welham, Dr Alice Honorary Lecturer    
Wu, Dr Sarah  Honorary Visiting Fellow     

'Room' denotes the building and room number within the building:

  • ADR - Adrian Building
  • MSB - Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Building, University Road
  • GDC - George Davies Centre* formerly known as Centre for Medicine (CfM)
  • RKCSB - Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building
  • GREENWOOD - For staff at the Greenwood Institute of Child Health, please see the staff member web page.

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