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Leicester Risk and Intelligence Consultancy (LeRIC) is based in the School of History, Politics and International Relations providing intelligence reporting and risk analysis using a methodology based on a combination of professional intelligence expertise and our own published research into threat, risk, and uncertainty. Going beyond existing traditional models of threat and risk assessment, our methodology acknowledges uncertainty as a discrete factor and seeks to communicate the impact of uncertainty effectively as part of the analysis to the end user. LeRIC has identified a number of commercial organisations keen to partner with an academic partner in order to improve their consultancy, reporting, and training/education services. LeRIC is ideally placed to approach practitioner organisations, particularly in the commercial sphere, because of its unique blend of practical experience and academic profile. LeRIC has also identified a potential need for bespoke threat/risk assessments for academics engaged in research overseas. Professor Mark Phythian is a widely regarded as a leading intelligence studies scholar with a solid body of work in the areas that LeRIC will provide consultancy. Dr. Strachan-Morris adds the practical experience and network of contacts, gained during more than 20 years of work in the intelligence field in the British Army and private sector, and can use this experience, plus his successful record in commercial business development, to identify and develop opportunities. The proposed website will be a key marketing tool.


Leicester Risk and Intelligence Consultancy (LeRIC) provides intelligence consultancy and education based on world-leading research. Our aim is to enhance the capabilities of public and private sector organisations by providing practical intelligence and risk assessment solutions that have sound intellectual underpinnings based on academic research. We can also provide a range of education and training courses for all levels from senior executives to junior analysts.

Who we are

Professor Mark Phythian – Research Director

Professor Phythian is Professor of Politics in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Leicester.  His research has primarily been concerned with intelligence issues, with a particular focus on the potential for social science insights and approaches to improve understanding of issues relating to intelligence. In particular, he is interested in issues of accountability, intelligence failure, the ethics of intelligence, and the debate around the relationship between intelligence and decision-making. He is the author or editor/co-editor of some fifteen books and over sixty journal articles and book chapters on intelligence and security topics.

Dr David Strachan-Morris – Operations Director. 

Dr. Strachan-Morris is Lecturer in Intelligence and Security in the Department of Politics & International Relations at the University of Leicester. He is the Course Leader for the Distance Learning MA in Intelligence and Security, and is Director of Distance Learning for the School of History, Politics and International Relations (HyPIR). Previously, he worked as a political and security risk analyst in the private sector and served in the British Army as an intelligence operator. His primary research interest is intelligence, concentrating on issues of risk and uncertainty, looking at how intelligence agencies – in the public and private sectors – can best support decision makers in complex environments.

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