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Consultancy services

Consultancy services and research collaboration

Looking to find a solution to intelligence and security risk issues? In working with you in Leicester Risk and Intelligence Consultancy will look to draw from our range of services to ensure that you receive the support you require.

Our expertise is supported by a business-focused team who will match your needs to our academics' expertise and manage contracts, IP and advise on funding opportunities. This ensures that working with Leicester Risk and Intelligence  Consultancy is simple, flexible and low risk.

Examples of the services we provide are outlined below:

Consultancy projects

A consultancy arrangement provides you with direct access to specialist academic knowledge and expertise to provide a solution to a problem your organisation is experiencing.

Dependent on the nature of the project, we can offer expert consultancy with an academic or team of academics. We offer high quality, commercially-focused consultancy advice that will bring direct benefits to your organisation.

Contract and collaborative research

We collaborate with businesses and organisations from all sectors and this can take the form of a client funded research project (contract research) or working with a client to bid for external funding (collaborative research).

We will work with you to match your needs to our academics’ expertise and manage the contracts and IP, as well as advising on funding opportunities such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), a government scheme that provides grants to work with universities.

For further information and to discuss how we can work with you and your team contact:

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