Reporting a cause for concern

If you have a safeguarding cause for concern you should contact the Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs) by emailing concerned@le.ac.uk.

Designated Officers are trained to receive and manage reported concerns and to provide advice and support to anyone making a report. They are responsible for deciding what action to take.

Reporting concerns can sometimes feel very difficult.

  • You may feel that you don't have evidence that anything is really wrong but just have feelings of unease about a situation.
  • You may not want to appear foolish if you are wrong
  • You may be worried about the consequences of reporting 

Remember that you have a duty to report any concerns you have about the wellbeing of a child or of an adult who may be vulnerable and at risk. Once you have reported, you pass on the responsibility for taking action to the DSOs.

If you don't wish to give details of your concerns in an email you can simply ask for either a face to face or telephone conversation with a DSO. Alternatively, you can email one of the DSOs directly.

All reports are dealt with sensitively and with discretion.

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