Designated Safeguarding Officers

Area  Role  Name  Email 
Student Support Services  Director of Student Services and Belonging
(Designated Safeguarding Lead) 
Angela Truby  abt13@le.ac.uk 
HR HR BP (Professional Services/RACS/Library)  Clare Haynes  ceh34@le.ac.uk 
Attenborough Arts Centre  Deputy Director  Jeremy Webster  jw555@le.ac.uk 
Attenborough Arts Centre  Education and Outreach Officer  Marianne Pape  mp422@le.ac.uk 
Campus Services 

Deputy Director

Chris Harrison  ch335@le.ac.uk 
Campus Services  Head of Residential Services  Martin Miller  mm447@le.ac.uk 
Medical School  Pastoral Support Lead (Medical School)  Dr Sophie Parkinson  sp502@le.ac.uk 
Nursery  Baby Room Leader (DSO deputy)  Danielle Hemmings  dh184@le.ac.uk 
Nursery  Senior Nursery Nurse  Jaspal Mistry  jk258@le.ac.uk 
School of Education (Safeguarding Lead for School of Education)  Director of Teacher Education  Professor Chris Wilkins  caw11@le.ac.uk 
School of Education  Programme Administration Manager  Leigh Blair  lmb13@le.ac.uk 
Sports  Head of Sports  Matt Weir  mw80@le.ac.uk 
Student Counselling  Head of Counselling  Tom Wheelband thfw2@le.ac.uk
Welfare  Head of Student Welfare  Claire Heggs ch274@le.ac.uk 

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