Contextual offers

Contextual Data

The University of Leicester is committed to providing equal opportunities for all applicants from all backgrounds, as outlined in our Admissions Code of Practice and the University’s Access and Participation Plan. We welcome applications from applicants who, in the University’s judgement, are able to demonstrate their potential to succeed in their chosen programme of study.

What is Contextual Data?

The University receives data from UCAS which is drawn from the details provided by applicants on their UCAS form.

This includes data on educational, geodemographic and socio-economic background, for example general data on applicants’ school or college. This data also includes any disclosure by applicants of time in care or involvement in widening participation activities, for example progression programmes.

It is then possible to use this data to understand fully an applicant’s academic potential that academic qualifications alone may not be able to demonstrate.

Which Contextual Data will be considered?

a) Participation in (and completion of) a recognised widening participation programme

  • Pathways to Law (P2L)
  • Realising Opportunities Programme (ROP)
  • AccessLeicester: STEM
  • AccessLeicester: Medicine
  • Levelling Up: Maths


b) Time spent in local authority care


c) Applicant’s age on entry to the course (taken on the 1 September) is equal to or greater than 21 years


d) Applicant’s home postcode is in a low higher education participation neighbourhood (POLAR 4, quintile 1)
Applicant has attended a non-selective state school for GCSEs where the Attainment 8 score is below the national average of 48.8

How will the Contextual Data be used?

Applicants who apply in the 2024 cycle who meet the criteria outlined above will be made an offer up to two grades below the standard offer for that course (to a minimum of BCC for those studying three A-levels)*. For all other qualifications/combinations of qualifications please contact the Admissions Office for further information.

*excluding Medicine (A100 and A199), Clinical Sciences (B990), LLB Graduate Entry (M102), LLB Law JD Pathway (M103) and LLB Maîtrise (M120)

How should applicants apply for this?

Applicants should apply as normal through UCAS, ensuring that they complete the form accurately and in full. The application will be assessed against the standard entry requirements.

Applicants who are participating in the Realising Opportunities, Pathways to Law or AccessLeicester programmes only, who do not meet any other criteria, will be made a dual offer. One part will be the standard offer for that course, the other an offer with reduced academic conditions dependent on the successful completion of the programme.

To find out further information about our contextual offer policy or to confirm whether you are eligible for a contextual offer, please contact the Admissions team on admissions@le.ac.uk.

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