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The Galactic Unite Scholarship

The Galactic Unite ‘Keep Looking Up’ Scholarships at the University of Leicester were launched in 2020, with applications invited from all first-year students at the University of Leicester.  They are sponsored by Paul and Justine Williams, and Virgin Galactic, and comprise both financial support (£1000 per student), and mentorship with a member of the Virgin Galactic Team.  A programme of support will be offered throughout the scholars’ time at Leicester, through regular catch-ups providing careers guidance, an insight into the space industry and the world of rocket science, and opportunities to join the wider international Virgin Scholars programme.

The students will join a cohort of Virgin Scholars from all over the world, and in fact will tip this number to over 100 (there will be celebrations!). They will be encouraged to share their opportunities with the wider department and community in whatever way they choose, from inviting experts from academia, Virgin Galactic and beyond to visit the department, to designing crazy outreach experiments for Youtube.

All of our undergraduates have earned their place with us, so the scholarships will not be based on academic excellence.  These scholarships will go to students who will benefit the most from the financial support and mentorship that will be provided, for example, those that have overcome adversity to join our community.

In order to apply, just tell us how the opportunity of one of these scholarships would benefit you.  The application process is designed to be straight-forward - you could submit something in written form (please no more than one page of A4, maximum), you could make us a little video (no more than three minutes please), or use any other format that springs to mind - it’s totally up to you and we look forward to seeing what you come up with.

The application deadline is midnight on Sunday 22nd November 2020, and all applications are to be emailed direct to Dr Suzie Imber, Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the scholarships or the application process.  We’re all hugely excited about this opportunity for our students, and partnership with Virgin Galactic, and we can’t wait to receive your application.

Learn more about Galactic Unite on their website.


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