Dr Marta Mangiarulo

Research Assistant/Teaching Fellow

School/Department: Psychology, School of



I hold a BA and MSc in Social Psychology from the University of Milano-Bicocca (IT) and a PhD in Cognitive and Brain Science awarded by the University of Trento (IT). I am a member of the Judgment and Decision Making research group. As a RA in the JDM lab I am involved in studies focusing on the use of confidence in competitive games and the relation between entitlement and cheating.



My main research interests involve probabilistic inference, social hypothesis testing, and reasoning biases. Additionally I am passionate about science communication and research dissemination and interested in replicability, open science issues, and the interface between cognitive and social aspects in social psychology topics like intergroup relations and impression formation.



  • (submitted) Bussu, A., Molloy, E., Mangiarulo, M., Pulina, M., Ashton, S-A. Systematic review on the prevalence of cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking in academia.


I can support research in social psychology and social cognition with a major focus on impression formation and social hypothesis testing and research on reasoning biases. I am also interested in undertaking co-produced pedagogical research on the use of virtual learning environments and teaching support platforms.



PS1101 Historical Perspectives in Psychology
PS1104 Thinking and Communicating like a Psychologists (tutorials)
PS2102 Social and Developmental Psychology
PS3108 Advanced Social and Developmental Psychology

Press and media

I am a social psychologist and my job is to ask (and possibly answer) questions such as: how do we make decisions? How do we interact with others and form impressions of them? I have a soft spot for equality issues and scientific outreach.


  • Nov 2019-ongoing: UoL college of Life Sciences PDRSA committee member
  • Mar 2020-Jun 2020: NPB PGR Research Day organization (online conference, 20 posters, 6 talk sessions)
  • March 2020: Speaker at International Women’s Day soapbox event University of Leicester
  • June 2020-ongoing: NPB ECR representative in the College of Life Sciences Early Career Researcher Development Group
  • February-May 2021: Leicester Pint of Science team member and Youtube administrator for the virtual event
  • June-July 2021: NPB PGR Research Day organizer and keynote speaker 
  • Sept 2021-ongoing: European Association for Decision Making associate board member
  • Feb-May 2022: Leicester Pint of Science team member and 'Our Society' theme speaker
  • June-Oct 2022: School of Psychology and Vision Sciences PGR Research Day organiser



  • Mangiarulo, M., Pulford, B., Colman, A.  The dark side of confidence: Can people use confidence to deceive others? 18th Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Cognitive Sciences , 2022 Dec 15-16, Rovereto, Italy.
  • Mangiarulo, M., Brand, C. Improving student user experience of Blackboard VLE. DART-P annual conference, 2022, Nov 24-25.
  • Bussu, A., Molloy, E., Mangiarulo, M., Pulina, M., Ashton, S-A. Cyberbullying and cyberstalking in Higher Education: A Systematic Review. Eurocrim e-conference 2021, Sept 8-10.
  • Mangiarulo, M. Caring for your mental health and career as a foreign researcher, NPB PGR day 2021 Keynote talk, Jul 29.
  • Mangiarulo, M., Pighin, S., Polonio, L., & Tentori, K.. The effect of evidential impact on perceptual probabilistic judgments, SPUDM 2019, Aug 18-22, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Mangiarulo, M., Polonio, L., Coricelli, G., & Tentori, K. (2018). Confirmation relations affect perceptual probabilistic reasoning. Cognitive Science Arena, 2018 Feb 23, Bressanone, Italy.
  • Mangiarulo, M. (2016). How evidential impact influences probability judgements: A preliminary study. Young Scientists’ Forum, Sep 2016, Aurich, Germany.


  • 07/2022: Wellcome Trust ISSF Research Culture Improvement Call 2022. Project title: Early Career Researcher One-day Symposium Research culture and Interdisciplinarity at the Space Park”. Team: R. Turnbull; M. Mangiarulo; H. Marshall; B. Warren. (£2,815.95).

  • 07/2022: Postdoc Appreciation Week (PAW) with Pint of Science and Proteintech: budget for refreshments and support with event organisation and dissemination (£100).

  • 09/2022: Wellcome Trust ISSF Research Culture Improvement Call 2022. Project Title: “School of Psychology and Vision Sciences PGR Conference and PGR Open Science meetings”. Team: M. Mangiarulo, R. Hatcher. (£1222.75).


  • Seminar on Models of Causal Reasoning (lecturer: M. Waldmann), 2016 Sept-Oct, Rovereto, Italy.
  • London Reasoning Workshop, 2019 July 18-19, London, UK.
  • SPUDM 2019, Aug 18-22, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • How can ECRs influence research culture and integrity? 2020 May 29th, ReproducibiliTea Virtual Meeting.
  • Think Open Rovereto Workshop, 2020 July 10-11.
  • Virtual Psychonomics 2020 Annual Meeting, 2020 November 19-21.
  • SPUDM 2021 Aug 21-24, online conference.
  • SJDM Annual Meeting, 2022 Feb 10-12, online conference.
  • 18th Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Cognitive Sciences, 2022 Dec 15-18, Rovereto, Italy.

Media coverage

  1. Mangiarulo, M. “Nice guys might finish last, but they make better impressions”. Posted on the Pint of Science Blog, 22.7.2020
  2. Third, L., Vittles, P, & Mangiarulo, M. (June 2021): COVID-19 Impact on Local Democracy Citizens’ Participation in Local Decision-Making - A research project conducted by Speakers’ Corner Trust
  3. The Turing Way Community, Becky Arnold, Louise Bowler, Sarah Gibson, Patricia Herterich, Rosie Higman, Anna Krystalli, Alexander Morley, Martin O’Reilly, & Kirstie Whitaker. (2021). The Turing Way: A Handbook for Reproducible Data Science (v0.0.4). Zenodo.



Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

PhD (Cognitive and Brain Sciences)

MSc (Social Psychology)

BA (Communication and Psychology)



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