Following on from COP26, NISCO UK Research Centre will host a series of webinar on “Decarbonisation and Net-Zero Target 2050 for manufacturing industry”. Our webinars are on Decarbonisation and Net-Zero Target 2050 for Steel Industry, which will be held online.

The decarbonisation of the steel industry has been driven in recent years by climate change targets and legislation on carbon (C) tax such as the C trading credits scheme in the European Union (EU) and other continents. The global steel industry accounts for more than 10% of CO2 emissions and is key in the climate change targets of net zero by 2050, and recently announced ambitious reduction targets by 2030 in the UK, providing increased focus on implementation of digital technologies, in the next decade.

Since 2004, Europe has been the global leader on CO2reduction in the steel industry, with the launch of ULCOS (ultra-low CO2steelmaking) programme with a collaboration between over 40 different partners across Europe, resulting in 2 main project outcomes of HIsarna and blast furnace (BF) Top Gas recycling. Likewise, other countries in Asia also lunch net-zero carbon initiative (Nippon Steel in Japan or PISCO in South Korean). Hydrogen technology and digital-enabled decarbonisation will revolutionise steel industry to be environmentally friendly with reduction in carbon emission to meet the net-zero target in 2050 in the UK and 2060 in China.

The webinars aims to provide a channel to discuss the recent developments of net-zero carbon steel and hydrogen technology for green steel industry.

Upcoming events

Our second webinar will be held on Friday 8 April starting at 10.00am (BST)

The 2nd Webinar on Decarbonisation for Steel Industry 

Speakers include

  • Welcome by Professor Philip Baker, Pro Vice Chancellor, Research and Enterprise. University of Leicester
  • Professor Paul Monks, Chief Scientific Advisor, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy(BEIS). Topic title: The role of science in decarbonising the UK’s manufacturing and steel industry
  • Dr Martin Pei, Executive Vice President and CTO at SSAB, Topic title; SSAB's Transformation to Fossil- Free Steel with HYBRIT Technology
  • Dr Joachim von Schéele, Global Director Commercialization, Linde Technology, Linde plc. Topic title; Solutions and Paths to Decarbonising Steelmaking
  • Chaired by Professor Hongbiao Dong, Director, NISCO UK Research Centre, RAEng/TWI Research Chair. University of Leicester 

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Previous events

Our first webinar on Decarbonisation and Net-Zero Target 2050 for manufacturing industry was on Wednesday 9 February. Speakers included:

  • Mark Allen from Industrial Decarbonisation Group at Materials Processing Institute. Topic title: Decarbonisation for Steel Industry
  • Professor Vasant Kumar from University of Cambridge. Topic title: Net Zero Steel: The Path Ahead
  • Dr Zushu Li from Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), University of Warwick. Topic title: Fundamental Research Towards Decarbonisation of the Steel Industry

See a recording of the webinar via Zoom.

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