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NISCO UK Research Centre (NURC) – whose mission is to become a centre of excellence in the field of new materials and advanced manufacturing and allied technologies - is a long term partnership between the University of Leicester and NISCO - made up of Hong Kong listed company Fosun International and Chinese state-owned enterprise Nanjing Iron and Steel Group.

The NURC is based in the School of Engineering at the University of Leicester, and will conduct research and development projects. The projects will be directed by NURC and will build on research networks and partnerships in the UK and Europe to deliver on required outcomes.

The partnership between University of Leicester and NISCO provides a great opportunity be at the interface between industry and academia – utilising the University’s research strengths in metallic materials, manufacturing and informatics.

The NURC will bring together the expertise of the two organisations and will focus on research and development activities in areas such as new metallic materials and advanced manufacturing and allied technologies through sponsored projects. These sponsored projects will be open to all UK universities and research organisations through a bidding process.

NURC will exploit UK and Europe’s research strengths in materials, manufacturing and informatics, and will deliver high quality, high impact collaborative research funded by NISCO and third-party collaborative research funding. Core areas:

New materials

  • Development and application of new casting technology for extra-thick steel products
  • Development of high performance steels for marine application
  • Research on new materials, e.g. carbon fibres, high performance titanium alloys

Advanced manufacturing

  • Modelling and optimisation of steel sheets during, casting and rolling
  • Through process control in Steel industry
  • Steel design (materials genome) and process simulation and optimisation

Reducing environmental impact of iron and steel production

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