Leicester maths student shows entrepreneurial flair with unique student tuition business

A third year maths student at Leicester has demonstrated her entrepreneurial skills by setting up a successful student tuition business.

Student Tutors was set up in November 2015 by Lois De Cordova (pictured), a 20-year-old student studying Mathematics (BSc) at Leicester, with help from the University’s Career Development Service.

This latest venture follows on from Lois’s first try at setting up a business, The Free Wedding Planner – a free wedding service to assist the bride and groom on their big day to ensure everything runs smoothly, which she set up when she was 19.

Student Tutors specialises in maths tuition for students studying towards their GCSE’s, A Levels and Degree.

Lois De Cordova, said: “Student Tutors is a unique tuition business in Leicester because we don’t have tuition centres; we focus on 1-to-1 tuition at our students’ homes to ensure every session is individually tailored to each of them.

“The other quality that’s unique about Student Tutors, is that all the tutors are University of Leicester students.

“As a student, I know it can be difficult to find a job that’s enjoyable and meaningful but also well-paid. Students of the University are fantastic candidates for the role, since they know the struggles of being a GCSE, A Level and Degree student. It requires effort and hard-work, but the reward of seeing your student achieve their target grade is amazing.”

The next steps for Lois and Student Tutors includes creating a website to reach out to more potential students and schools in Leicester, and to hire more tutors for the next academic year.