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The Centre for New Writing regularly publishes new writing. This includes a series of pamphlets, featuring poetry, fiction and non-fiction by local, regional and national writers, inspired by major research projects. The pamphlets form part of The Centre for New Writing’s ‘Writing and Research Series,’ which brings together writers and researchers to communicate recent findings, in a range of academic fields, to new audiences. Details of these pamphlets are below. All of them are available for free - email newwriting@le.ac.uk for more details.

Friendship’s Scrapbook: A Poetry Collection, by Deborah Tyler-Bennett and Jayne Stanton

Part of the AHRC ‘Women’s Writing in the Midlands, 1750-1850’ project, this pamphlet features creative responses to the wide range of writing by two earlier Leicestershire writers and campaigners, Susanna Watts and Elizabeth Heyrick. The two commissioned writers, Deborah Tyler-Bennett and Jayne Stanton, drew on pamphlets, letters, anti-slavery hymns and other archival materials held at the Leicestershire and Rutland Records Office, to generate new poems which are inspired by, and celebrate the work of, Watts and Heyrick.

Women’s Writing in the Midlands, 1750-1850: Susanna Watts and Elizabeth Heyrick: A Poetry Collection

The poems in this pamphlet were commissioned by The Centre for New Writing, as part of the AHRC ‘Women’s Writing in the Midlands, 1750-1850’ project. The poetry arises from a series of workshops run by Deborah Tyler-Bennett in the Leicestershire and Rutland Records Office, in which participants were encouraged to respond creatively to archival materials by two major earlier Leicestershire writers, Susanna Watts and Elizabeth Heyrick. This pamphlet features poems by Richard Byrt, Jo Dixon, Anna Larner, Jayne Stanton, Deborah Tyler-Bennett and Pamela Ward.

Writing Lives Together: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose

This pamphlet grows out of a project called ‘Writing Lives Together: Romantic and Victorian Biography,’ run by Dr Felicity James and Dr Julian North, who also hosted a major conference and edited a special issue of the journal Life Writing (June 2017). As part of this wider project, contemporary writers were commissioned to produce their own, creative responses to the research into nineteenth-century life writing. This pamphlet is the result. It features poetry and prose by Jo Dixon, Richard Byrt, Gregory Leadbetter, Alyson Morris, Anna Larner, Aysar Ghassan, Jonathan Taylor and Seán Body.

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