Network collaborators

Find out more about the roles of the five international institutions bringing together the expertise of world-leading researchers from integrable systems, minimal surfaces and visualisation that are taking part in this three year research programme.

Dr Katrin Leschke

Katrin Leschke

The University of Leicester was at the heart of the research network. Mathematical Sciences at Leicester has a very strong group in “Geometry and Visualisation” with research expertise of various members of staff (I. Tyukin, F. Neumann, A. Gorban, E. Mirkes) in related areas, with strong interdisciplinary links (e.g. in engineering and chemistry) and industrial applications (KTP grant with Apical Ltd). In particular, we maintain a Visual Intelligence Lab, a facility with equipment for fast visual data processing and 3D projection. 

Dr Leschke was involved in all activities of the network, in particular in the organisation of the seminar in Leicester and of the workshops at all network partners.

Dr Katsuhiro Moriya

Katsuhiro Moriya

The University agreed to host members of the network on research visits to Tsukuba during the course of the grant, whilst at the same time strongly contributing to the research project and the network as an expert on the link between minimal surfaces and Quaternionic Holomorphic Geometry.

Dr Moriya holds the KAKENHI award to Grants in aid scientific research for "Representation formulas for surfaces of higher codimension and submanifolds and their applications" and is the Principal investigator.

Professor Francisco Martin

Francisco Martin

The University of Granada will hosted a workshop in the second year of the programme, which focused on the research on the topic of this grant. It was preceded by an independently funded summer school for graduate students on minimal surfaces. Also, the department hosted members of the network for research visits. Professor Martin helped to organise a workshop in Granada. Professor Martin visited Leicester for a longer research project which focused on integrable system methods for minimal surfaces in the example of product spaces.

Dr Martin Kilian

Martin Kilian

UCC hosted members of the network for research visits and a workshop on minimal surfaces and integrable systems. Dr Kilian helped organise a workshop on minimal surfaces and integrable systems. Dr Kilian participated in the network activities and came to Leicester for a longer research visit where we investigated deformations of spectral data.

Professor Tim Hoffmann

Tim Hoffmann

Professor Hoffmann hosted members of the network for research visits to Munich. Professor Hoffmann helped to organise a workshop in the area of visualisation. Hoffmann's expertise was fundamental to the mathematical experiments in the project.

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