• K Leschke Member of Scientific Committee PADGE 2017, Leuven


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  • T. Hoffmann, A. O. Sageman-Furnas, M. Wardetzky, Discrete Bonnet pairs and a conformal theory of quad-graphs, in preparation

Springer Proceedings in Mathematics

  • T. Hoffmann, M. Kilian, K. Leschke, F. Martin, K. Moriya, editors, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics. In preparation

PhD Students

  • L. Collard: (K Leschke) Thesis title: "Characterising the Properties of Metastable Phases in Aerosols", University of Leicester, 2018
  • H. Kadhim (K Leschke co-supervisor with A Rona, Engineering). Thesis title: "Effect of non-axisymmetric casing design on flow and performance of an axial turbine", University of Leicester, 2018
  • J. García (F Martin) Thesis title: “Translating solitons of the mean curvature flow” December 2016 University of Granada
  • E. Gama. (F Martin) Thesis title: “Problems related with the mean curvature: MCF and minimal surfaces”. University of Granada, 2019
  • H. Obaida (K Leschke co-supervisor with A Rona, Engineering), Thesis title: "Cryogenic cycle power turbines optimised by hub contouring". University of Leicester, 2017
  • B. Koenig (T Hoffman) Thesis title: "A geometric construction for the associated family of S-isothermic CMC sufaces" July 2017, Technical University Munich
  • J. Torres (F. Martin), University of Granada
  • Z. Ye (T Hoffmann), TU Munich
  • E. Mota (M Kilian) Thesis title: "Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces and Heun’s Differential Equations'", 2019, UCC

Undergraduate Research Bursary (LMS)

  • Aneesah Parkar (K Leschke) Deformations of the Gyroid

Postdocs and Visiting Researchers

  • Benoit Daniel (Nancy, France) - visiting Granada, July 2017
  • Tom Ilmanen (ETH, Zurich) - visiting Granada, April 2017
  • Jorge Lira (UFC, Brazil) - visiting Granada, January 2017
  • Alessandro Carlotto (ETH, Zurich) - visiting Granada, September 2016
  • Michael Rabinovich (ETH, Zurich) - visiting Munich, November 2016
  • Sebastian Klein, Postdoc, Cork
  • Keomkyo Seo, (Sookmyung University, Korea). January 2018.
  • Graham Smith (UFRJ, Brazil) visited UCC in January 2018
  • Laurent Hauswirth (MLV, France) visited UCC in May 2018
  • Esko Heinonen, University of Helsinki (Finland), Postdoc, Granada
  • Burstall, University of Bath, visited UCC in September 2018
  • Esko Heinonen Postdoc (fellowship of the Finnish Academy of Science) (UGR) 2019

Conference/workshop presentations

  • K Leschke "A complex associated family for isothermic surfaces", Quaternionic Differential Geometry and its Related Topics ", Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, 6-9.9.2016
  • T Hoffman "Discrete curvatures and discrete integrable systems", Lecture series at the Autumns school at Graz, Austria, 27.09-06.10.2016
  • K. Moriya, "The Weierstrass representation for surfaces in Euclidean space of arbitrary dimension", Geometry section, MSJ Autumn Meeting 2016, at Kansai University, Japan
  • K Leschke "Soap films, quaternions and geometry", "LMS Prospects in Mathematics", University of York, York, 16-17.12.2016
  • F  Martin "Translating solitons of the mean curvature flow", Analysis & PDE seminar at Stanford University, February 27, 2017
  • K Leschke"Introduction to Quaternionic Holomorphic Geometry"  Valenciennes
  • M Kilian "On Finite Gap Curves "Irish Geometry Conference, NUI Maynooth, Ireland, 26.05.2017
  • M Kilian "Dressing Curves", Variational Methods in Submanifold Geometry, University of York, UK, 31.05.2017
  • F Martin "Properly embedded minimal annuli in H^2xR", 31st Brazilian Colloquium of Mathematics, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 29.07- 05.08.2017
  • K Leschke"Transformation of Minimal Surfaces", Higgs bundles, harmonic maps and integrable Systems", Hannover, 14-18.8.2017
  • K Moriya, "The Schwarz lemma for conformal maps from the open unit disk into the Euclidean four-space".Geometry of Submanifolds and Integrable Systems, Osaka City University, Japan, 2018-03-26--2018-03-30
  • K Moriya, "Complex structures of vector bundles and harmonic maps into a sphere", Submanifolds at Yuzawa 2017, Yuzawa Grand Hotel, Japan, 2017-11-30--2017-12-02
  • T Hoffmann, "Curvature and integrable surface theory", Paris, 2017
  • K Moriya, "The spinor representation of conformal mappings of surfaces", Deepening and Development of Submanifold Geometry, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, Japan, 2018-06-25--2018-06-27
  • K Moriya, "The spinor representation of a surface in an Euclidean space of arbitrary dimension", m:iv mini-workshop at University of Leicester, UK, 15th August 2018
  • K Leschke, " Darboux transforms of CMC surfaces revisited", Geometry of Submanifolds and Integrable Systems, OCAMI, Osaka, 2018
  • F Martin, "Minimal Surfaces and Mean Curvature Flow". A Conference in Honor of Brian White. Stanford, July 6-8, 2018
  • F Martin, "Translating graphs for the MCF in Euclidean space". Tsukuba, 2018
  • T Hoffmann, "Minicourse A discrete surface theory in R3", TU Wien, 2018
  • K Leschke, "Darboux transforms of minimal surfaces",YDGD, Leeds, 2018
  • K Leschke "Isothermic surfaces”,  Key note lectures, Differential Geometry and its discretisation, OCAMI, Osaka 2019
  • K Leschke "Transformations of minimal surfaces, Japan-UK winter school, Leeds, January 2019
  • F Martin "Scherk-like Translators for Mean Curvature Flow”, Geometric Analysis and Partial Differential Equations seminar, University of Cambridge, U.K May 3, 2019
  • F Martin "Scherk-like Translators for Mean Curvature Flow”. Problèmes variationnels et géométrie des sous-variétés, Variational Problems and the Geometry of Submanifolds, 27-31 May, 2019. C.I.R.M., Luminy, France
  • F Martin "New examples of translating solitons of the Mean Curvature Flow”.  Geometry Day Granada-Fortaleza, Universidad Federal do Ceara, Fortaleza, Brazil July 24, 2019
  • K Leschke “Links between the integrable systems of a CMC surface”, m:iv 2019, Leicester
  • T Hoffmann “On discrete geodesics”, m:iv 2019, Leicester
  • F Martin “New examples of translating solitons fo the Mean Curvature Flow”, m:iv 2019, Leicester
  • M Kilian “Properly embedded minimal annuli in S2xR”, m:iv 2019, Leicester
  • K Leschke “Isothermic Positons”,  ISHM 2019: Integrable systems and harmonic maps, Vienna 2019
  • M Kilian "On closed finite gap curves", ISHM 2019: Integrable systems and harmonic maps, Vienna 2019

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