Workshop programme

The network arranged a series of workshops at each of the European network partner institutions during the three years of the research programme.

University College Cork, Ireland

The first workshop was held at University College Cork in the first year of the grant, and was centred around the deformations of spectral data, e.g. for minimal surfaces in product spaces.

Universidad De Granada

In the second year of the project there were two workshops: one was organised with F. Martin at the University of Granada. The main focus of this workshop was on minimal surfaces and related topics.

Technical University of Munich

The third workshop was held at the Technical University of Munich and focused on discrete surfaces, visualisation and integrable systems.

University of Leicester

The final workshop was held at the University of Leicester, where the links between all of the above subject areas were highlighted.

Workshop proceedings

The proceedings of the Minimal surfaces: integrable systems and visualisation workshops will appear in the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics.

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