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Participoll for live voting and polling in class

Participoll is a simple multiple-choice voting system which allows students to vote using any smartphone, tablet, or even laptop. It works from within your Powerpoint presentation. You must present using a Windows computer; you cannot present using Participoll using a Mac.

Create an account

Go to the Participoll website and begin an account. As a University of Leicester staff member, you may have an account for free, but you must use your @le.ac.uk email address to sign up. Make sure you remember your password, as you need to sign in with your email and password when you use Participoll. You will be given a URL which is the website your students will need to go to in order to vote.

Install the Participoll plug-in

You will need to install this plug-in every time you work with Participoll in Powerpoint on your university computer, and every time you present using a university computer. When you are asked 'Are you allowed to install programs on your computer?' answer no. After you install the plug-in, you will see a Participoll tab in your Powerpoint.

Insert a poll into your Powerpoint slide

Create a slide with poll answer options labelled A up to F (maximum 6 options). Now click on the Participoll tab at the top. Click "Insert Poll" and select how many answer choices this poll should display. Click "Insert Poll" and you will see a coloured results bar appear on your slide.

It is a good idea to add a slide at the beginning of your presentation, giving out the URL and even a QR code for your Participoll site. You can get the QR code by clicking the Participoll tab in Powerpoint, and clicking QR code.

Make sure you bring the Participoll plug-in (.ppam file) with you on a USB stick to your lecture.

Run your poll during class

After installing the Participoll plug-in, launch your Powerpoint file with the Participoll poll(s) in it. On the Participoll tab, click Start Polling and log in. Encourage your students to get ready to vote going to your URL through a browser on their device.

When you get to your slide with a poll, give students time to vote. If WIFI is poor, it will take more time. When you want to see the results, click to advance the slide. The slide will not advance, but rather you will see the results of your poll.

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