Leicester Medical School

Panopto lecture capture

Since Autumn term 2016, the University of Leicester has implemented "Reflect," a lecture capture system which automatically records lectures based on timetabling information and also allows manually-implemented recordings. In general, in the Centre for Medicine, lectures held in the lecture theatres are automatically recorded, but class sessions held in other rooms are not automatically recorded. Sessions in these rooms can be manually recorded anytime. You can tell that a session is being recorded when the large light on the podium is green. Further information can be found on Sharepoint (log-in required).

If your lecture is being automatically recorded and you are running over time:

  • Click the arrow on the taskbar in the bottom right corner of the computer, to show hidden options
  • Click the green Panopto icon
  • Click "Extend 5 minutes"

You now have an extra 5 minutes to lecture and still be recorded.

Another way to solve the problem of your lecture being cut off via the automatic recording is to choose to do a manual recording.

In general, the way to do a manual recording is to click on the Panopto icon on desktop and make sure the correct folder is showing for your unit (where it says Folder) then click the red record button.

Sharing lecture slides

Students highly value having lecture slides before the lecture, so they can take notes directly onto the slides. It is best to upload these slides onto Blackboard the day before the lecture, so that students have time to download them onto their iPads, ready for the lecture.

In Powerpoint, when you are finished with the slides, select File -- Export -- Create PDF/XPS Export. You may then save the file as .pdf. Upload that file to Blackboard. The students need the file to be in PDF format in order to take notes on it in Notability.

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