Leicester Medical School


At Leicester, you will learn from experts in their field and from patients. Our new curriculum allows enhanced time for patient contact and is designed to meet the needs and challenges of the NHS.

We are looking to attract people from all backgrounds who display a caring attitude and values consistent with those of the NHS constitution. You will take forward knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will prepare you for inevitable future changes in practice.

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Our courses

Medicine MBChB (A100)
In this degree, you will meet patients from the outset and learn from experts in world-class facilities, and find out what it takes to become a doctor working in the industry today. Our excellent facilities include anatomical dissection of human cadavers.

Medicine MBChB with Foundation Year (A199)
Medicine degrees aren’t easy to get into. But this doesn’t mean becoming a doctor is out of the question. If it looks like you won’t meet the entry requirements to study medicine at Leicester, this Foundation Year degree is your path to making it happen.

Intercalated degrees
Whether you’re studying at Leicester Medical School or another institution, an iBSc or iMSc will give you a professional advantage once you graduate from your medical degree.

We are committed to preventing and dealing with racism within the learning environment or workplace and subscribe to the BMA Charter: A charter for medical schools to prevent and address racial harassment

Term Dates 2023-2024

Pre-Sessional Chemistry
and Biology:

Wednesday 13 September 2023 - Friday 15 September 2023

First Year
International Induction:

Friday 15 September 2023

First Year
Induction Week:

Monday 18 September 2023 - Friday 22 September 2023



Term 1

Monday 25 September 2023 - Friday 15 December 2023

Term 2

Monday 8 January 2024 - Wednesday 27 March 2024

Term 3

Tuesday 23 April 2024 - Friday 7 June 2024

Year 1 and Year 2 Semesters

Semester 1

25 September 2023 - 14 January 2024

Semester 2

8 January 2024 - 7 June 2024

Year 3

29 August 2023 - 12 July 2024

Year 4

29 August 2023 -12 July 2024

Year 5

4 September 2023 - 28 June 2024


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