Talks and Workshops

Leicester Medical School and the Future Students Office work collaboratively in order to offer a range of medicine talks and workshops for schools and colleges predominantly within the East Midlands.

If you are a teacher in the East Midlands and are interested in finding out more about our medicine talks and workshops, please contact schools@le.ac.uk.

On-Campus Events

Leicester Medical School offers a range of on campus events for students in Years 10 to Year 13 to explore the exciting and rewarding career as a doctor. Previous events include Junior Emergency Medicine, Medicine Calling and medicine specific taster days. If you are a student or teacher interested in finding out more about the events we are currently running, please email schools@le.ac.uk.

Progression Programmes

Progression programmes support students from under-represented groups and those who may have faced barriers to them achieving their full potential throughout Year 12 and Year 13. All of our progression programmes at Leicester are very valuable for enhancing study skills and preparing students for university life and study.  At Leicester Medical School we have our own Medicine Leicester Enhanced Access Programme (MedLEAP) which is supported by our dedicated society of student volunteers (MedReach) as well as staff in the medical school and wider university.  The University of Leicester also supports and participates in the national Realising Opportunities Programme (ROP).  In recognition of the value of these programmes, we will consider making you an alternative offer of ABB at A-level for the A100 course if you have successfully completed MedLEAP or ROP. Please note that no alternative offer is available for Medicine with Foundation Year.

If you are interested in finding out more about our progressions programmes, please email schools@le.ac.uk.