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Funerals and Memorial Services

If you have been accepted onto the Body Donation Programme, after you have arrived at the University following your death, your next of kin/executor will be sent forms asking for their decision regarding your eventual funeral. They will be offered a choice of the following options:

Option 1: Instructing Leicester Medical School to make funeral arrangements

If Leicester Medical School arranges the funeral, a cremation will take place in June/July, between two to three years after a bequest has been received at the University. All costs will be met by Leicester Medical School. Cremations are currently held at Bretby Crematorium. Each service is individual and lasts between 10-15 minutes, and family are welcome to attend. Your next of kin/executor will be invited to attend the cremation and to take possession of your ashes, or they can choose to have them placed in the Garden of Remembrance at Bretby.

Option 2: Arranging a private funeral at a place of your family's choice

Leicester Medical School is unable to make a contribution towards private funeral costs, and in these circumstances the responsibility for arranging and funding a burial or cremation rests with your next of kin/executor.

You may wish to discuss these options with your nearest relatives or executor and include a note of your wishes with your copy of the Consent Form.

About our Memorial Service

Leicester Medical School organises a Memorial Service of Thanksgiving every two years to commemorate donors from the previous years. Staff and students from Leicester Medical School attend and take part in the Service.

If they wish to attend, your family will be invited to the Service following your cremation.

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