Leicester Precision Medicine Institute

2022 events

Innovate, Engage & Grow: A cluster event organised by the Charnwood Campus Life Sciences

LPMI's Co-director Professor Don Jones will be giving a talk and answering questions at this event.

Date: 21 June 2022 9.00am -1.00pm GMT

You can find out more and register for this event at Charnwood Campus Life Sciences event page

As part of the Proteomics Seminar Series the London Proteomics Discussion Group (LPDG) present:

Proteomics: The Role of Cardiovascular Proteomics Webinar

Date: 22 April 2022 2.00pm GMT

Professor Don Jones will be chairing this event and the two speakers are:

Prof. Harald Mischak
The urinary proteome/peptidome depicting cardiovascular pathology

Prof. Alicia Lundby
Chasing the molecular dysregulation behind cardiac disorders by proteomics based data driven approaches

You can find more information and register for this event at the LPDG website.


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