Open research

Open Research ensures research is open at every stage of the research process, from working on an original idea through carrying out the research, to sharing and disseminating the completed research outputs. It is based on the principle that knowledge produces the greatest benefits if it is shared as widely as possible and aims to make the outputs of research freely accessible and usable, and thereby maximise the possibility of public benefit.

The principles of Open Research are reflected in the policies of many public funders and research organisations that promote greater public access to research, and in evolving models of scholarly communication. Change is also driven by the needs of academic communities and stakeholders, among the general public, in industry, and in developing nations.

Open access

Open access makes research publications and data freely available, enabling the results to be read and built on by anyone. Making research outputs open access maximises the public benefit and helps to increase and widen the readership of the research, raises a researcher's profile, and increases the impact of that work. It also allows others to re-use that research, for example, allowing the content to be analysed using text or data mining.

Gold open access fees

Gold open access fees or article processing charges (APCs) may be charged by publishers to publish research outputs in their journals. The Library research services team manages the University's open access funds for papers supported by members of the Charity Open Access Fund (COAF): Bloodwise, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Parkinson’s UK, Versus Arthritis; Wellcome Trust and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

University of Leicester researchers funded by grants from these organisations please use this use this form to apply for Gold Open Access fees.

The European Union FOSTER project produced a useful toolkit and handbook for those interested in learning more about open research practices.

Help and guidance

The University Library Research Services team are here to help you navigate the open research policy environment and we provide tools, services, and training. For further information help, advice, support and guidance on Open Research and Open Publishing contact our Research Services consultants.