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The Hope Clinical Trials Facility (HCTF) is based in the Osborne Building at Leicester Royal Infirmary, and provides a dedicated area for patients participating in clinical research studies, particularly those at the early stages of development.  The mission of HCTF is to deliver excellence in clinical cancer research. Clinical trials offer hope for many people and an opportunity to help researchers find better treatments for others in the future.

Opened by Martin Johnson in May 2012, the Facility is directed by Professor Anne Thomas and has been funded by the local Leicestershire and Rutland cancer charity Hope Against Cancer, the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and the National Institute for Health Research.

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The ultimate aim of the LCRC translational research programme is to be able to offer patients more effective options in the early detection, prevention and treatment of cancer.
Clinical trials are a crucial way of determining whether a new treatment or test may offer patient benefit. The Hope Clinical Trials Facility plays an integral part in delivering clinical research and impact across all of our research themes.

Early phase studies

A comprehensive list of early phase studies that have been undertaken at Leicester can be found on the clinical trials government website.

Patient and public involvement

Patient and public involvement is at the heart of our early phase clinical trial strategy. The HCTF and Leicester ECMC have worked closely to involve patients when designing new studies via the Patient and Carer’s Advisory Group.

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Together, we have designed materials that make understanding trials and the trial pathway more patient friendly. Our ‘What is…’ series gives an overview of some of the questions that patients new to a clinical trial might be interested in. 

Hope Against Cancer Charity

Hope Against Cancer is the local cancer research charity for Leicestershire and Rutland, and is an important partner for The University Hospitals of Leicester and University of Leicester. The charity raises funds to support research aligning with the LCRC strategic themes for early detection, prevention and treatment of cancer. 
In addition, Hope Against Cancer provides crucial and enabling funding for the Hope Clinical Trials Facility, and is a key supporter of our early career researchers.
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